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    Car not starting everytime HELP

    Hi all, So a strange thing has been going on with my EX V6 coupe - iv only owned the car 4 months and its my first automatic car (moved to the states from the UK so always had a manual). so in recent weeks when starting the car its like something is stopping it kicking over - i thought it...
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    Homelink & central locking advise

    oh thats great - thanks I will give that a try
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    Homelink & central locking advise

    oh That could be the issue - although would it do the step where the light blinked slowly and then fast when it locked on? cuz mine does that - i would have thought if it was the same as you say it wouldnt do that? did yours can you remember. Thanks for the reply
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    Homelink & central locking advise

    Hi all, just after some advice after purchasing my first Honda - 2001 V6 coupe EX. To start with the homelink programming is about to make me lose my mind....I have followed many guides but still the doors just dont wanna open. so i held outer 2 buttons and cleared previous, that seemed...

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