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    Interest In Custom Rear Control Arms

    Def would b interested in this.
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    Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

    Ill take a look when I get home. Pretty sure I got it. As far as # 10 not to sure. Ill check and let u kno. Usually home round 6ish.
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    Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

    Got a pic of one? I'm in the process of taking apart my parts car. Very well could have one for u
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    My accord

    She looks great man. Nice and clean. That type r lip looks great. I gotta say tho that I'm a sucker for wagons. That wagon in ur first pics looks dope.
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    6th Gen Forced Induction members and their numbers

    I'm boosted as well. 98 coupe F23a4 untuned 203 whp, 212 wtq @ 8psi
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    spoiler- yes or no?

    Well i still hav my old accord. So i hav the spoilerless trunk. I guess im trying to decide to change it out.
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    spoiler- yes or no?

    Sup guys n gals, trying to get a feel for ppls feelings on the oem spoiler. My former accord had no spoiler, and my current accord does. I was thinking about taking it off. All feedback is always appreciated.
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    H23a DOHC vtec swap?

    Ive heard that the h series wont stay in vtec if it has an auto tranny. Meaning that if you slam the gas, every time the auto tranny upshifts it drops out of vtec. Is this true? If so does it apply to all platforms or is it just h series exclusive?
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    Wagon-izing a US sedan?

    Hey man im all about it. Ive always had the idea of turning my coupe into a hatchback. Good luck. Haters guna hate. Do what makes ya happy
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Installed diy blackhoused headlights. looks freekin sweet :) Gotta put the bumper back on in the morning...
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    Car wont go past 4500 RPM

    Is the cel light on? There are a couple codes that will put the car in limp mode. And it wont go above 4500.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Finally took the stock sideskirts off the parts car and put them on the daily. It looks sooo much better.
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    long island, ny meet??

    Just sent a request
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    long island, ny meet??

    Yup and ima def try to make it. Id like to get something going a little closer to home tho. A smaller meet for nyc and the island.
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    long island, ny meet??

    Sup guys! Looked around and noticed that there are very few meets around us. We should change that.. there are so mant great places on the island to both drive and chill. Thought it would b sweet for some of us to get together. Anyone agree?
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    Thank you my 6ga family and honda tuning

    Hey congrats man.. thats epic. I cant wait to read the article.
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    help!!! car wont start!!

    Finally figured it out. There was an exposed wire that was hitting the firewall. Caused the cruse control/ecu fuse to blow. Put a new fuse in and it seems to be running fine now. Charges right up and stays running. :lolrun: Thanks for the help guys
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    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    This has prob been said, but when you have either open exaust or an exaust leak and everyone in a mustang wants to race.
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    aftermarket FPR

    Update- ended up buying a 7$ check valve and a vacume tee. Connected the top port of the fpr so it only gets pressure. Wow what a diffrence. The car actually makes power. Im only running about 9lbs of boost on a 2.5 turbo. This fpr allows me to tune the amount of fuel pressue basied on hiw much...
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    turbo accord

    Nahh man not useless, its definatly the truth. This was the accord that sparked the love for the 6gen. Its gunna b hard, yet at the same time it will b nice to get closure. After this all happend to it i kinda just walked away.
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    turbo accord

    I thought of that. Even if i cant salvage what i need from it, the experience of taking the entire car apart would b priceless. I have the space to keep it and its not costing me anything to get it here.
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    turbo accord

    It has a synapse engineering fuel pressure regulator and upgraded injectors. Im not sure what size tho. The fuel rail looks stock and i havnt checked the fuel pump yet so im not sure abot that.
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    turbo accord

    So an update on the cars situation.. found that its running an ecu from a 93-97 civic. And its currently having a charging issue. It seems that the more i get into the car the more i find. The kid who sold it to me had no idea what he had. He told me everything was stock, save for the turbo...
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    My son's car album

    Lil dudes well on his way. Epic pics my man

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