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    New gauge cluster?

    I pretty much said the same thing on Drive Accord. In terms of how to solder, take it to any competenent car radio installer or electronics repair place, and they should be able to do it for you.
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    Enne's 1989 Honda Prelude Si 2.0 4WS

    Try O'Reilly's. I put in those part numbers, and they come up on their system. If your local store's warehouse has it, they can get it to the store same day.
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    Gas smell

    The evap canister is right under the rear driver's side door. Normally, the valve goes bad on the canister, and you get a p1457 error code. There are Youtube videos that show you how to change it.
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    Should I even bother....?

    The amount of time driving 3+ hours each way would be better spent getting a part time job to offset the costs of room and board. Like others have said, gettting roommates and offsetting the cost of rent and utilities would help too, but not all schools let freshman live off campus.
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    Jacking up car

    You can safely jack up the car using the tow hooks, then slowly drop the car on jack stands using the factory pinch welds, as long as they are not rusty and straight. If you want to jack up both front wheels at the same time, there is a front jacking bracket between the front wheels and the...
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    lug nuts and breaker bar

    Take the handle off your new jack, slide it over the breaker bar (for more leverage) and then loosen the lugs. Torque the lug nuts back to 85 ft lbs using a torque wrench. I have no idea which breaker bar you purchased, but you are going to need a 25 inch breaker bar and a little muscle to...
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    So I might be trading Frankenstein, thoughts?

    That was the Saab 9-2x, a.k.a. Saaburu. It was a Impreza/WRX clone but with a different front end, tail lights and nicer interior. Powertrain was all Suburu. Saab enthusiasts were up in arms, because the ignition was on the steering column. The location of the ignition on the 9-3 and 9-5...
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    Civic but not accord

    I know you didn’t have the most pleasant experience with your harness, but Yonaka makes a decent cat back exhaust for the 6th gen sedan (4 cylinder).
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    Civic but not accord

    So what you’re saying is instead of hating actions caused by people, the brands they are using is the source of your scorn?
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    Civic but not accord

    I also own Toyota, Hyundai and happen to own Apple products. I don’t go bashing/stereotyping drivers that own cars from manufacturers than Honda or other Android users. It’s nice to have competition and choices- keeps the manufacturers on their toes. Honda is not the only manufacturer that...
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    Please stay away from this

    That stinks. It looks like it came with a lifetime warranty too, based on the Amazon description. I would reach out ot them and see what they say. The worse thing that can happen is they say no.
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    Please stay away from this

    Will you be able to get a refund or an exchange?
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    1999 2Dr. Accord Market

    Sbuklad-Coupe of other things your parents should also consider-1) If the timing belt/water pump, timing belt tensioner has never been replaced, it should be done ASAP. If your timing belt snaps, the engine is most likely today. That will cost around a thousand dollars at the dealership. It...
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    Transmission Issues (not my DD)

    Here are a couple of pics I snapped a month ago. The top is badly corroded, but the bottom of the rear subframe is still solid. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Transmission Issues (not my DD)

    I am only going to replace the rear beam. I have a 4 cylinder, so no ABS sensor on my coupe. The subframe hasn’t snapped, but the top portion is badly corroded. The second mechanic said I could still drive it but to try to avoid potholes.
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    Transmission Issues (not my DD)

    Ha! You have automatic rust roofing from your leaky power steering pump. Question for you based on your experience pulling the subframes: I was quoted a minimum 4.5 hours of labor at $110 an hour ($495 minimum) by a Honda spe******t. They said it could be more, depending on if parts...
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    Transmission Issues (not my DD)

    Connie, do any of your Accords have the infamous subframe rust (passenger side subframe rust caused by the A/C drain tube dripping on it)?
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    FS: Various parts off f23a1 and h23

    Is the down pipe still available? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Million mile club

    You are right. I have never heard of enthusiasts checking fluid levels using microfiber towels. Whether or not that is false, you can use whatever you like. At the end of day, I am glad you you were able to clean up the mess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Million mile club

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    What is this wiring/switch for under dash? Keyless, alarm or remote start?

    It looks like the kill switch for the alarm. However, I can't tell if it's an OEM or aftermarket alarm. You might have gotten lucky and may just need new transmitters and might be in business. Check out the instructions from handa-accessories under 1998-2000 Accord/Electronics/Security...
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    Million mile club

    On one of the O.P.’s posts on Drive Accord, he had a slow transmission fluid leak. I can’t remember if members over there or the dealership thought his inner axle seal was leaking transmission fluid, where the inner axle slides into the transmission housing. If the leak hasn’t been...
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    Million mile club

    Is there a chance your transmission fluid can run dangerously low with the axle seal issue you have been having for sometime now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Million mile club

    One downside of the short trips is the damage it causes on the exhaust system. Earlier this year I made the switch to a stainless steel catback exhaust, so hopefully that will prolong the exhaust system along with the occassional long, spirited drives. I am on my 4th muffler and resonator...
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    Million mile club

    In order to try to prolong the longevity of the transmission, I have been doing a drain and fill with 3 quarts of DW-1 every year. It is probably overkill since I only drive about 7k miles a year and take the train to work, but I figure it is cheap insurance. I also found it much cheaper to...

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