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    Manual Transmission Fluid(MTF) Change Procedures (photos)

    Bearcat, thanks for the write up. Where can I find that particular fluid (Honda MTF part#08798-9031)? I could only find Honda MTF part#08798-9031A.
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    Timing Belt Kit?

    Yea I actually wanted to know if this is a good deal. I need to replace my timing belt as well.
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    mini shoot with nubbs.

    I love the LEDs on the 6thgen. Nice cars you two!
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    (update)2002 accord from chitown

    Re: 2002 Sedan ex from chi Welcome, I'm looking forward to seeing your future mods!
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    Blackcord's 2002 I4 Accord Sedan EX-L

    Sorry for the confusion and delayed response. My notifications were going to my old email. When I said "no way", I was referring to the Maxima corners. I am def gonna try this retrofit tho. I appreciate all your help man, I will def hit you up. You can count on it LOL. Also thanks for the...
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    Blackcord's 2002 I4 Accord Sedan EX-L

    No way man! I don't have the skills for that. I've never done any kind of DIY projects. But I will try the retrofits that you have. Why did you choose the D2S? I can't really tell the difference between all the kits. I'm really excited about getting started tho. I would like to buy...
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    Blackcord's 2002 I4 Accord Sedan EX-L

    Man I love your retrofit! I think I know what my first mod will be.:cool:
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    Wheel cleaner

    I read that Simple Green was too acidic to use on wheels.
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    Wheel cleaner

    Thanks for all the input guys. I have a lot of options now if P21S doesn't work out for me :)
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    Wheel cleaner

    LMAO @ elbow grease. I can't wait for my stuff to come in the mail now.
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    FS: 9005 (High Beam) Super Bright Yellow Bulbs

    Hey brother, do you have any night pics?
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    Wheel cleaner

    Hey thanks man but I jus purchased P21S Gel. I will post pics and let you guys know how my wheels turned out. My car has been neglected badly. It gets really dirty here with all the farm roads and I haven't washed it in months. I washed it for the first time last week. Thanks for the...
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    Wheel cleaner

    Thanks a lot. I will try it! :D
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    Wheel cleaner

    My oem alloys are EXTREMELY dirty. :( What are the best wheel cleaners you guys would recommend?? :confused:
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    Please help me change my login

    Thank you very much DD!
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    Please help me change my login

    Can one of the nice admin on this site please help me change my name for this site.:thinking: Thanks!
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    Rusty Rotors

    I just had new brakes put on like 2 months ago and they are already rusted. What cause is and how do you prevent it?? :wtf1:
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    Wanting to upgrade speaker system

    All my speakers are stock and I don't have a sub and my head unit is also stocl (in dash 6 disc cd changer). I want some speakers that sound clean and hit hard. Kinda like the 06 maximas? How probable is that? Will I need a amp?
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    Auto loan help

    Right now I got my eyes on the 2007 BMW 335i looks like it's gonna cost me 37-38k. I got a quote a few days ago for $32,000 loan for 60 months at 6.49% interest what do you guys think of that? But I'm thinkin about shortening my term to 48 months. Please i need some advice LOL. :peace:
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    2002 Honda Accord Coupe

    Very clean whip. Excellent choice on the paint job as well! :thumbsup:
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    Brake Problem??

    Dumbfounded I think there may be a slight grinding sound but not positive, I was jus thinkin the guy was jus tryin to screw her over. I had cleaned the brakes and no mor squeeking. But like i said, I'm not sure if there is any grinding.
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    Brake Problem??

    No idea Good question i have no idea when the breaks were last serviced, prolly 2 years ago when i first bought the car used. :confused:
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    Brake Problem??

    Yesterday my wife had taken the car on a drive bout a 1 hour and a half, she takes the car to the auto shop and they said that there is 10% left on the brakes. It's sound squeeks but almost a light grinding. What do you guys think. I cleaned all the brakes using a brake cleaner and I have not...
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    Two shots from the show yesterday

    Nice sunset.
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    Im still around also lol

    Dang man your car is shinin! Ima have to try that when my stuff runs out!

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