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  1. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    Masi's are pretty good bikes, they just don't have the same "heritage" as they once did. I think they have been bought out a few times, so they aren't a true Italian company anymore. But they've got some sweet designs. If the frame fits and is in good shape, $450 sounds like an awesome deal.
  2. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    The frame is a Pedal Force ZX3. They don't actually make the frame, but they import them from the same Taiwanese factories that make some of the high end name brand frames. The frame cost $700 and the fork was $100 I think, but they have some other frames that are more expensive, except for...
  3. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    OK, so I've finally upgraded my aluminum KHS that I posted a while ago to a full carbon setup. I kept the Ultegra drivetrain since I haven't had any problems with it and I couldn't justify spending the extra money on a Dura-Ace or even a new Sram setup. So far I have really enjoyed it. The...
  4. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    That's freakin' hilarious. I've watched it a couple of times since coming across it the other day. He's got another music video that's just as funny.
  5. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    Yeah, it's a 54cm. It's a little on the heavy side (22.5lbs), but I think that a lot of that is coming from the wheelset. I'm actually thinking of upgrading them sometime soon. I really didn't mind the Tiagra RD that I had on it, it was mainly the Sora shifters that came with it. I couldn't...
  6. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    I know what you mean about carrying a laptop around on your back when sucks. I got some new Ultegra brifters, derailer, cassette, and chain for Christmas. I'm loving the extra couple of gears and the smoothness over the old Sora/Tiagra combo I replaced.
  7. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    I'm upgrading my Sora drivetrain to Ultegra 10 spd for Christmas. I might also try out the Shimano FlightDeck system down the road since the shifters are compatible with them. What's wrong with the paint on you road bike now, is it just wearing out?
  8. WillT.

    I <3 JDM.. got pulled over

    That sucks man. Kinda of hard to respect cops that act like that towards you.
  9. WillT.

    WillT.'s 2000 Accord Coupe (56K Maybe)

    Thanks, but I don't think it was worth bringing up a 2 year old thread.
  10. WillT.

    who's good at math? i need help

    Check this website out: In the second equation, plug in the area for "A" and the radius for "r" and then solve for "t". After you find "t", which is the angle, then you can plug it into the first equation which...
  11. WillT.

    Any Bikers??

    I ride road bikes a fair amount, but it's been kinda hard now that school has started back. Does anyone bring their bikes to school with them, or are you all afraid that it might get stolen like I am?
  12. WillT.

    Wrong forum, but for those who mess around with Computers.

    Try going to and downloading all of the codecs that you think you might need, or just get one of their packages. You're video components may also be limiting the quality of playback. You should probably make sure that you have all of the latest video drivers installed on you...
  13. WillT.

    My Fixie Project

    Sweet deal you got there. Those bearings look nasty, though. I would just go ahead and get a whole new bottom bracket for about 30 bucks if I were you.
  14. WillT.

    Talontsiawd's 2002 Ex Coupe 5 speed (Updated 7/8/06)

    Ouch, hate to see that happen. You planning to replace it?
  15. WillT.

    messing around with my lights in the more pic added

    Looks awesome...especially with the top down on the S2000. The lighting is definitely more evenly dispersed in this photo.
  16. WillT.

    messing around with my lights in the more pic added

    Re: messing around with my lights in the garage... Always fun experimenting with flashes! One thing you may want to try is bouncing the flash straight off of the ceiling, or maybe even the wall that is to your back when shooting. I think that may help you get rid of some of those huge...
  17. WillT.

    i think i would have fainted....

    Well, turns out the whole story was not true in the end. You can go here if you'd like to see the reason for those pictures showing up on the internet.
  18. WillT.

    photoshop request

    OK, here is a quick PS: Gunmetal: Gold: IMO, I think the gunmetal wheels look better than the gold ones.
  19. WillT.

    I'm outta here

    Hate to see you go, but I've enjoyed all your help, although mostly indirectly through other posts. But, I can see your reasoning behind your decision. Feel free to check in every now and then!
  20. WillT.

    Car Wash Anyone???

    Seen it, but always cool to watch it again. BTW, here is a link to the $7,118 glaze that the he uses.
  21. WillT.

    08 accord unmasked from vtec!!!

    The engine that will be in the Accord should definitely be better than the Renault engines that Nissan uses(at least in the 350Z, don't know about the others.) I really like the look of the coupe over the sedan, but I think the hood line needs to be lower.
  22. WillT.

    Che che check ittttt... New Look/New Pics

    Awesome color man. Keep it up!
  23. WillT.

    98AV6205HP's 1998 Accord Coupe Ex V6 *(Updated 6/25/07)*

    Looks very nice.:thumbsup: You can't beat a white coupe. Just a tip: make sure you have the white balance adjusted in awkward lighting. It will help prevent those yellowish types of pictures.
  24. WillT.

    Nashville this weekend (Red Bull Flugtag) No 56K

    Awesome pics Eric. The Red Bull competition looked like it was really hilarious, but what was supposed to be the object of it?
  25. WillT.

    Who has a facebook?

    Yeah, I just got a facebook a couple of days ago, and I'm starting to notice some of that sort of stuff. It really clutters up everything IMO.

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