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  1. Ch1R

    Ch1r Sneakpeak. 7/8/11

    Re: New Pic Jun.1! Bump for new recent pics taken in oct.
  2. Ch1R

    FS: Work Wheels 17's ***PRICE DROP***

    Re: Work Wheels 17 inch Universal Lug Pattern Nooooooooooo!
  3. Ch1R

    Clear Headlight Lenses / Headlights (No OEM Lines)

    Re: ION Lenses/Headlights Or Clear Lenses/Headlights Ion lenses are painted on, mine are peeling on the passenger side. But as for retrofitting i have the mini mori with 55k i believe, well output is better then original but still yellow.
  4. Ch1R

    Clear Headlight Lenses / Headlights (No OEM Lines)

    Re: ION Lenses/Headlights Or Clear Lenses/Headlights You should try and get transparent blue paint and paint that ish haha. worth a shot. Goodluck with finding them though.
  5. Ch1R

    FS: 98-00 Bayson r oe lip

    Sold! 98-00 Bayson r oe lip Damn where were you guys when i posted this? Haha yes, lip has been sold
  6. Ch1R

    FS: Garage Sale

    how much shipped to 93933 pm your number to me.
  7. Ch1R

    FS: Garage Sale

    does the wedge brackets sit low? and does it only fit recaros or universal?
  8. Ch1R

    FS: BlackDeathV6BG's Huge Partout!!!!! Part 1

    BUMP for bill i want teh spooooooon!
  9. Ch1R

    FS: BlackDeathV6BG's Huge Partout!!!!! Part 1

    Re: BlackDeathV6BG's Hugh Partout!!!!! Part 1 Damn the car that inspired me got parted out? haha GLWS plus pmed you.
  10. Ch1R

    4cyl CARB Legal Intake (Injen, DC, AEM, etc)

    ^ they make CARB manifolds? Do tell more.
  11. Ch1R

    FS: Gram Light T57-RC 18x9.5 +12 5x114.3

    FAP! i mean fuuh! i mean ahhhh! GLWS!
  12. Ch1R

    Old school shoot...Johnson..DrowzEE!!elite1JDM...

    You should see what ion headlights from drowzees car on your car would look like ahah.
  13. Ch1R

    FS: SOLD MODS PLZ LOCK.SPC Front Camber Kit

    Re: SPC Front Camber Kit $50
  14. Ch1R

    LF Ion blue/yellow headlight

    The ion headlights are rare is basically what they're trying to say. I was lucky and i believe i was like last one to buy ion headlights off this forum it was about 2 years ago. Just keep an eye out hopefully one will show up one day gl.
  15. Ch1R

    FS: Suspension, Rims, aftermarket parts

    Shoot me a pm interested in the cai and pp ready aswell.
  16. Ch1R

    Bay Area 6thgenaccord Cruise & Meet

    you guys should check out this local meet we have once a month and the ROTM is a 6gen! woop!
  17. Ch1R

    Sept/Oct Winner! Sleeper Cell

    Hell yeah! i miss ROTM! great car to bring it back too! congrats to both kevin and the forum.
  18. Ch1R

    FS: More misc parts I'm getting rid of.

    Re: Retrofit (reduced), manual swap parts, coilovers, custom WW lip, Fogs, adapters Was wondering for you ww lip, does it have gaps in the front?
  19. Ch1R

    coupe front end parts update 10/01/12

    I have oem blackhoused headlights but driver side has a crack on the inside but doesnt effect performance.
  20. Ch1R

    Australia - Sydney ALL STARS Spring Picnic

    Okay who is down to move with AUS with me?
  21. Ch1R

    Its been a while

    No, STFU! more of the Accord or i pwn!:furious: haha
  22. Ch1R

    FunnyVictor86's CG6 *06-10-12*

    Damn i havent been going through this, but your car looking nice man!
  23. Ch1R

    98-00 Coupe Splash Guards (full set)

    I have a full set shoot me an offer
  24. Ch1R

    ULEV catalytic converter

    i would post where i got my magnaflow but the website doesnt have it, but just make sure its CARB as well.
  25. Ch1R

    FS: Coupe LED retrofit tail lights

    Re: Genuine OEM lip kit, retrofit & more Will you be selling those fogs?

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