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    HVAC(manual) unit will not function; possible broken solder joint fix?

    I tried the jumper wire mod on my 2001 accord and it did not work also, another person reported the same as us. The real problem is that all the capacitors on the circuit board are bad. caps have a recommended replacement cycle of 10 years. they can fail years after or years before. the original...
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    DIY: Manual Climate Control Repair (Electrical Failure)

    I think I figured out how to fix it. I have a 2001 Honda Accord LX V6 3.0 and the AC control lights all went out, could not switch the vent modes, could not activate the AC, but the fan control knob worked fine and controlled the fan fine. the lights came on intermittently and I was able to use...
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    Pressure Switch Replacement

    if you drain the coolant from the radiator pet**** that might prevent it from pouring coolant out when you remove the rad hose
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    99 accord lx v6 rough idle, engine power stuttering

    It sounds like the idle air control is dirty or broken, but thats just a guess, you also might have not clean the egr port good enough, the air circuits also get blocked, looks like an ant maze and if u got it blocked down the egr hole you have to take off water passage to clean it out, you...
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    the accord alt is 90amps and the odyssey alt is 130 amps, some may be 105 amps. theres a seller on ebay selling high output alternators for both vehicles. theres a 160amp and 220 amp for the accord and odyssey respectively. it doesn't matter how many amps the alt puts out the car only uses what...
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    DIY: How To do a FULL rebuild on power steering pump

    I actually go to the majestic honda site or hondapartsnow and look at the diagram and order every seal and bearing I need. I think rebuilding it is better than a rebuilt one on ebay or amazon or vatozone because they use cheaper aftermarket seals and those tend to leak. plus I trust my own work...
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    DIY: How To do a FULL rebuild on power steering pump

    I have 2 vehicles: a 2002 Odyssey and a 2001 Accord V6, fixing both are surprisingly almost identical, in fact the power steering pump fits on both. I tried to remove the ball bearing on the Odyssey and failed, I even put the shaft aginst the bottom of the van and used a hydraulic jack and...
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    video tutorial: How to Rebuild Rear Disk Brake Calipers on a Honda

    Guys I made a how to video on how to rebuild the rear disk brake calipers. oem rear calipers are like $180 so this saves you a ton of money as long as you have patience and master cylinder pliers, and a lot of brake fluid . car is a 2001 accord v6, 2nd gen Odysseys (1999-2004) and many other...
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    Driver door locks randomly

    Hey I've got a weird problem, the electric door locks on my 2001 Honda Accord 4 door LX v6 randomly locks itself on the front driver's side door. Mostly it locks the instant that I shut the door. Many times it just locks itself while I'm driving or some other random time. The randomness is why I...
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    door auto locks when I try to open door

    This problem started happening with greater frequency. When I use the key to open the driver's door, then try to open the door, the door will open about an inch or so then I hear a click sound, the door has locked itself for no reason. this causes the door to be locked even though it's partly...
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    Detailed pics: changing thermostat, radiator and PS hoses

    This is a gallery of what you can expect when you need to change your thermostat, upper and lower radiator hoses and the 2 power steering hoses from the PS bottle. the car is a 2001 accord LX V6, almost 200k miles and I have not had any issues with the transmission at all, even if you don't...
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    V6 Alternator Upgrade DIY W/ pics

    duralast is an autozone brand, you didn't even pay attention to the tutorial. you need to buy the real honda oddyysey alternator. made by honda or a rebuilt one from a used honda alternator, it will say it in the description. you basically overlooked the whole key to this project, autozone's...
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    V6 Alternator Upgrade DIY W/ pics

    I did this with the paid help of someone I know. FYI you do not need to take the fan off. we did it ot by taking off the black plastic timing cover off I think. great tutorial I was able to do the wire extension myself cause I can solder but the rest I let the other guy do. I got the alt from...
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    Rear Inner tire wear

    I have this problem too. inside corner of rear tires are unevenly worn. even the service guy at honda said I need a camber kit. my 2001 accord lx v6 is not "slammed" or lowered, it's stock. this isn't just a problem with lowered cars. get the ingalls over the SPC ones. it has 2 arms for camber...
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    cheap tranny cooler diy $30

    your bracket although looks cool is actually blocking airflow through the cooling fins and also blocking the airflow to the original radiator behind it, I know you tried and it looks good, but functionally you're taking a step backwards with that step.
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    Is there a way to bleed the ABS system?

    I just want to chime in with what I know. There's a guy on youtube called eric the car guy and he explains it that you bleed closest in the chain first and work to the longest last. the reason being is that you want clean fluid at the closest point so that you are not flowing dirty fluid...

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