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  1. J

    My car smells like fish.

    get in touch with Casey Anthony, she will be able to help you with a trunk smell. Oh wait you said fish... o.O
  2. J

    do you know anyone who would be interested in buying a 6th gen coupe for a parts or project...

    do you know anyone who would be interested in buying a 6th gen coupe for a parts or project car? You know what the situation is with it...
  3. J

    Losing compression FTL!

    coopeh I dont have any pics up obviously but its a coupe.
  4. J

    Losing compression FTL!

    I tried unbolting the cat last night. I think I will have to take out the exhaust from the down tube connection and go from there. The effort from last night brought up the thought of; its a 99, the engine has a oil leak somewhere( I have no Idea where), miles are around 230K. The laundry list...
  5. J

    Losing compression FTL!

    :beer: I was thinking of that!
  6. J

    Losing compression FTL!

    I have a 99 coupe F23A1 engine accord with 230,XXX miles on it that started running a little weird a last week. I left work and the car was extra sluggish yesterday. Gas mileage is circling the drain, around 50-60 miles less than normal. For the entire trip it wouldn't rev past 4K. The...
  7. J

    cruise control on tha fritz

    :roy: I personally havnt had this problem, Have you tried pulling the negative off the battery for a minute and then reconnecting. Sometimes weird electrical glitches can "fix" themselves by being reset...
  8. J

    cruise control on tha fritz

    I bet you installed the strut tower bar on backwards in turn throwing off your cruise control regulations. Sorry, I couldnt resist :naughtyrun:
  9. J

    Cold Air Intake

    Dont listen to these clowns, The extra noise means your muffler bearings are on the fritz and will soon leave you stranded on the side of the road... Take them to shop and have them greased or replaced...I would do it quickly before your fuct.
  10. J

    Car died on me tonite..

    Fabricate exhaust pipes through the hood FTMFW!!!!:rock::rock::rock:
  11. J

    Any Others with the DC Sports 4-2-1 Header

    :thumbsup: Hope it works out for you!
  12. J

    Car wont start!

    :eusa_doh: In for pics!
  13. J

    clutch problem or axle problem

    I have always been told that a click or clanking when the wheel is turned is a sign of a cv joint going bad. my .02
  14. J

    Control arm bushing wont go in!!

    A guy I know told me he would take ball joints and stick them in the freezer overnight and the cold would cause shrinkage, just enough to help the ball joint go in a little easier. I have not tried that one myself, but it may be worth a shot, or you could listen to the post above mine...
  15. J

    clutch problem or axle problem

    is it a clicking? Do you have a new vibration? Where you going around a corner or straight? If you were going around a corner then it may be cv joint. TO bearing will make noise until the clutch is pushed in, if the noise is there when the clutch is pushed in then its a different bearing.
  16. J

    What should I do?

    replace muffler bearings and upgrade your flux capacitor. Dont forget intake and exhaust swaps for the instant 50 HP gain.
  17. J

    kicker VS rockford???

    :tgf: Make it sound good first. How loud you can make it doesnt mean shiz if the music doesnt sound good. Good sound is balanced sound not how loud it is. I would suggest making your music sound full and complete, not loud and unguided. Good bass so you can feel it but not so it rattles the...
  18. J

    Mah new box truck.

    HELLO KITTY FTW!!! :jae:
  19. J

    kicker VS rockford???

    Are you looking to do audio competitions, or is this a because I can defining moment?
  20. J

    my beater

  21. J

    Lower control arm shock fork bolt stuck!

    :eh: stuck or not I would be leary driving it around like that...
  22. J

    wings and spoilers

  23. J

    weird issue with radio

    Did you hook the power wire into the turn signal fuse? Do you mean wavy lines like that scene in american pie wavy lines? ^+1
  24. J

    Stop Light Fuse

    do you have anything else added into that fuse section? you could be overloading that circuit making it pop.

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