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  1. cg6soldado

    Finally got a strunt bar.

    Thanks for the offer but I'm sure I'll like it. Really like the look of the comptech. If anything I'll let you know.
  2. cg6soldado

    Finally got a strunt bar.

    Thanks had to jump on it when I saw it!!
  3. cg6soldado

    Finally got a strunt bar.

    Got this in the mail today!!
  4. cg6soldado

    98 accord sedan h23 5spd pearl white

    So are you selling or what's going on here?:shakehead:
  5. cg6soldado

    this isn't an accord...

    Looking real good
  6. cg6soldado

    Ivan's Accord 1999 Sedan (f20b6)

    Welcome homie post some pics!
  7. cg6soldado


    Looks good bro! Always loved satin silver!
  8. cg6soldado

    I'm back

    I think we all want the same? Pics bro!!!!!!!!!
  9. cg6soldado

    RR's '99 coupe EX-L

    Re: RR's 3.2L '99 EX-L Coupe 6MT I like those pedals what brand/name are they if you don't mind me asking?
  10. cg6soldado

    DIY Paint door panels

    Turned out great bro. Wanna do mine?
  11. cg6soldado

    Switching Climate Control

    I was also looking to do this but when I saw the amount of work that needs to be done I decided I'm good for now:)
  12. cg6soldado

    new member in San Antonio, TX

    Welcome buddy
  13. cg6soldado

    New Accord owner, longtime car guy

    Welcome a lot of info and post some pics bro!!!
  14. cg6soldado


    Both these cars are SEXY
  15. cg6soldado

    New to the Forum

    Welcome to toe family. Alot of helpful info here bro
  16. cg6soldado

    DH`s 2000 coupe

    Damn thats alot of work nut will pay off for sure
  17. cg6soldado

    Newbie needs help with wheels! There ya go bruh:party52:
  18. cg6soldado

    FS: IACV, Motor Mount, RSX Steering wheel

    Re: RL BBK RSX Steering wheel Wings West lip kit Couldn't pass on a great deal!! Now my BBK is complete
  19. cg6soldado

    6GA Coupe Custom LED Retrofit Tail-Lights

    Pretty sick the guy who owns them is on instagram but forgot the username
  20. cg6soldado

    Poor sedan.

    Dont know if its on hydraulics or not. Dont know the owner.
  21. cg6soldado

    Poor sedan.

    spotted this white sedan. People need to stop for real. Hope its no one on here?
  22. cg6soldado

    Never seen these...if you like CF interior bits

    I've never seen those. Idk how it wood look in tan interior tho?
  23. cg6soldado

    Brakes squealing...

    I was thinking the same thing
  24. cg6soldado

    New member from MN

    And welcome to the forum BTW

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