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    running a p28 chipped and socketed ecu in a 00 accord

    you need an aftermarket temp sensor of find the thread on swapping clusters and repinning
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    Idle going really low after giving it gaz

    check your fuel pump and fuses
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    Gradfien's 99 accord turbo sedan EX (56k)

    DOPE :favorites37:
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    Gradfien's 99 accord turbo sedan EX (56k)

    where did you get that harness wire cover
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    Go fast parts

    ISO: gutted h series intake manifold for sale in or near North Carolina port matched to 70mm
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    n1 style single exit exhaust driver side

    I want see the supra exhaust style set up on a sedan
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    Transmission alternatives?

    I aslo have a lot of oem H&F series (f20b) Bolt on parts alt dizzy injectors a/c comp...H series valve cover need paint :Boo:
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    Transmission alternatives?

    I live in NC and I have a swap I done my self... I have a m2j5 trans for 150 that need rebuild but its a guy n NC that rebuild them very cheap and he buys the parts. Basic rebuild about 350 with carbon syncros and labor 2 hr job...
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    My 2000 Accord #HEADACHE

    I HAVE LSD MATED:kiss1:
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    My 2000 Accord #HEADACHE

    f20b swapped stock trans only been riding on this swap for a few days this is the 4th motor
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    Swap tech

    is that bone stock just a tune :perkinswhatever: you should 200 hp easy with that trans
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    Starting issue

    Check your fuel pump fuse and ecu fuse
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    Catalytic converter woes

    yonaka exhaust ftw:Jedi:
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    Ob2 to obd1/ p28 problems

    I have the same ecu set up with a h swap and my fuel pump does not always come on when I turn the key...some time I hear a sparking sound like something is touching under the dash near the fuel pump fuse...if u move the fuse any like push it in or just move it period the pump comes on. any...

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