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  1. SomethingRandom

    Re-spray, Ferrari colours anyone?

    Just out of curiosity more than anything else, has anyone here done a full vehicle re-spray in any 'exotic' colours and if so, pics? I'm strongly considering Azzurro California metallic, have access to full shop facilities sans a roll in/roll out paint booth, and will be mixing the paint myself...
  2. SomethingRandom

    distributor quitting?

    I've had the typical dashboard lights flash intermittently at me, brake, battery, and all the door adjacent ones. Now initially I replaced the alternator knowing mine was on its way out anyway and could be the source of the issue. That was a month and a half ago, worked beautifully and no more...
  3. SomethingRandom

    Bad leak

    Sounds like one of the lines leading into/out of the stock tranny cooler on the bottom of the rad to me, get under the car when its cooled down, remove the splash-guard covering the bottom front end of the block to get a better look at it, there should be a hard metal line leading into a short...
  4. SomethingRandom

    Accord parts interchange

    See that little link in the middle of the blue bar near the top of your page for this forum that says "Search" on it? yea that...
  5. SomethingRandom


    Re: NEED HELP! identifying this part please Ouch, is it bleeding fluid from the gasket or is that a spill? oh, and when you go to unbolt the solenoid, have a low profile wrench handy if you don't want to remove the hard line above the rear left corner, makes a world of difference.
  6. SomethingRandom

    3.2 Type-S transmission options?

    Hahaha, thats what I like to hear. most of the time
  7. SomethingRandom

    3.2 Type-S transmission options?

    Damn, I dont know how I managed to overlook that, simple engine search should have pointed that out. Its a direct bolt up yes?
  8. SomethingRandom

    3.2 Type-S transmission options?

    Hey ladies and gents, I have been looking at the cost of an entire drivetrain swap in the near future as my rebuilt bx7a is agonizingly slowly, but surely on its way out again. My question to you fine citizens of 6ga is: I know some of you have done the 3.2 swap from the TL (I'm looking at...
  9. SomethingRandom

    Transmission Solenoid/IACV

    Depends which solenoid you have to do, the shift A/B one is on the right side, mounted directly on top of the tranny just in front (I think, in class, cant check for ya right now) of the tranny dipstick. It looks like a pair of small cylinders mounted horizontally and seems to be the most common...
  10. SomethingRandom

    Brake line rusted

    Not threadjacking here, but damn if I didnt have a similar problem the week before you. I have discs on the rear and thought I cracked the hard line, looked underneath and it was a MESS along the line, turns out something in my right real caliper literally exploded and started pissing brake...
  11. SomethingRandom

    Best gas company thread...

    Based on my experiences, I would rank my top 5 as: Chevron Esso Husky PetroCan Costco F*ck Shell, worked there for a while, car never ran quite as well when running their 89 (albeit marine gas) Here in the Great White North though, prices are pretty much stable all across town...
  12. SomethingRandom

    Wiring problems

    *Edited* pull it out and check the antenna plug again, I have had it happen countless times where the lead is a little short and it ends up getting pulled half out while reinstalling.
  13. SomethingRandom

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Full fluids change, still gotta d&f the tranny some more to clean it right out. Installed an ATF cooler which was recipe for 5 hours of cursing and bloody knuckles Finished some significant bodywork + paint, have to wait to cut/polish it which only leaves me wishing for a new paintjob, so...
  14. SomethingRandom

    auto tranny flush

    Do it, I waited 16 months after buying mine to change the fluid, and that was mainly due to the linear solenoid going out. After seeing the colour (think oil mixed with water, that nasty brown) I'm pretty religious about changing it regularly, mind you, I have the v6, so its pretty much a...
  15. SomethingRandom

    Kenwood vs Pioneer

    Welp, I'm and idiot and impressed at the same time. Figured out my problem on a 6hr drive today, subsequently going through most of my downloaded music. My Pioneer compensated for any inferior track/sound quality by adding moderated levels of bass over everything, therefore "mudding" up the...
  16. SomethingRandom

    Kenwood vs Pioneer

    I know most HU's alone only produce moderate bass at best, but the difference sounds at least 50% less than my old single DIN (though far less "muddy" in a manner of speaking, very crisp, noticeable difference across all ranges, sounds WAY tighter and more responsive) I know the speakers can put...
  17. SomethingRandom

    Kenwood vs Pioneer

    Bumping an old thread... I know. It took me a while, but I finally moved up from my old Pioneer HU, I decided to go with the newer DDX419 (will post pics + red cluster/HVAC swap soon) but can't seem to get the bass levels anywhere near where they were with my Pioneer. I originally thought I...
  18. SomethingRandom

    Low mpg's

    Gotta say, I just did a short road trip (~1000kms~) through the mountains, and my average was just over 31 mpg. I have the AV6 and no, I don't drive like a granny, hell, I didn't even have cruise on most of the time, the TCH has horrible drivers... City, on the other hand, I regularly do 24-27...
  19. SomethingRandom


    Hahaha, thanks man, I'd say its custom, but I stole it off the interwebz :D 98 coupe, took a closer look just at the fitment about 20m after I put this thread up and there MIGHT be enough room in the roof to extend the rails another 3-4 inches at best, won't know for sure til I pull the...
  20. SomethingRandom


    Hahahaha, that was fast, I always get it from the backseat when they realize it won't go back any further, might have to pull the headliner off and see what I can do about extending the rails as a DIY :boink:
  21. SomethingRandom


    I have always been curious, It feels like my moonroof doesnt open as far as it should. From the outside there's always 3-4inches that doesn't fully retract away. Is this common? I always figured it was likely a design thing which is unfortunate as the women in the back seat can't fit out :P
  22. SomethingRandom

    Need help!!!!!!!

    I see you already have one lined up, figured I'd toss my .02 in anyway, from what I've seen, the first year or two of the v6's seem to have less frequent issues with the tranny. Maybe every 98-99 just has a rabbits foot...
  23. SomethingRandom

    bent rim, safe?

    For what its worth on my behalf, I had an extra set of American Racing rims that came with my 6g, one was bent worse than this + had a 2 inch crack. Ran it by a friend with a shop and found out it was probably fixable, but also likely not that safe. If it was an impact on the curb enough to...
  24. SomethingRandom

    00 sedan major power loss going up mountain FLASHING CEL

    Any visible stains in the top half of the engine bay, say around the valve cover? also, take a look behind the oil pan itself, should be a bit of oil staining, wipe it off and check for new deposits every few days, should help you identify if there is a leak in the oil pan gasket. If nada, well...
  25. SomethingRandom

    ID help with line at linear solenoid 1999 V6

    more details?? I have a 98, same engine. Are you talking about the linear solenoid mounted on the top of the transmission behind the battery?

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