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    i am looking for some rims for my car.. not too sure what to get but have these 2 here.. what u guys think? any other suggestions? OPEN TO ALL !! PLEASE !! TY.. and size around 18" or 19" ??? PLEASE LEAVE SUGGESTIONS !!!
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    new member..CA

    thanks a lot for the help guys!!
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    new member..CA

    hey thanks! im actually lookin for rims for my car, but not too familiar with the "brands" and all that.. anyone care to help ?! THANK YOU!!
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    19" rims what tires?

    wow d-ramey those are lookin nice what are they?
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    new member..CA

    yo guys i'm a new member.. need some pointers on how to figure my way around the website and also figure out some stuff for the accord!! thanks any help would be great!
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    new here

    6ga !
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    Amp paired with what sub?!

    i have a 400 watt amp runnin with 2 10' 800 watt subs..

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