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  1. Ironade

    SOLVED - Car Grinding Noise & Crank No Start 1999 Accord v6 -Sloved

    Re: Car Grinding Noise & Crank No Start 1999 Accord v6 It could be a dead battery or bad alternator. You can try to recharge the battery and put it back in your car, and then let it running for a while. If it died again, then it's possible that an alternator is bad. I have no idea about the...
  2. Ironade

    rad fan not working

    I don't think the oil level has doing anything with rad fan. It's possible the fuse is blow up, and also checking the wires around near the rad fans to make sure it's not disconnected or something. It happened to me a month ago.
  3. Ironade

    Question About Without Cats

    I want to ask a question about exhaust system, if I decided to put a straight pipe without catalytic converter on my car, will it affecting a "check engine" light to come back on with code P0420?
  4. Ironade

    DIY: Remove Oil Pan from V6

    I mean the nuts that hold an exhaust down pipe? Sorry for English or grammar.
  5. Ironade

    DIY: Remove Oil Pan from V6

    I am trying to get nuts off from an exhaust hanger, but it's pain in the ***. I don't think anyone tried to take hanger out of my car for 14 years. I only taken 2 out of 6 nuts off from manifold so far. I even use the WD-40 to loose a nut a little bit, but it doesn't helps. Any suggest?
  6. Ironade

    So... I called to order my new wheels today...

    You will be fine. I bought 17x7 and 45 offset Enkei EV5 with 225/45/17 Uniroyal Tigerpaw tires for my car, and it fits just fine.
  7. Ironade

    AMR Engineering / Ksport RR Coilovers

    Does Knoi fits into Accord? I thought it only can fit into Integra, RSX, TSX, and Civic??
  8. Ironade

    swapping evap question

    It means you have a leak in the emissions system. It's possible that you need a special smoke machine to run smoke through the machine and pinpoint the leak. It may be the canister, vent shut value, solenoid value, two-way value, etc. It happened to my car 2 months ago, I replaced the canister...
  9. Ironade

    Police Profiling & Harassment Rant

    You can be pretending to be deaf so that you can continue get a warning or excuse from police just like this deaf joke from Reading Digest magazine (unless if your policeman know how to sign language): A hearing man is hitchhiking late at night on an isolated highway. His car had broken down...
  10. Ironade

    Your Opinion About Spoiler On Accord

    I want to hear your opinion about a spoiler on Accord. I may not the only one who wondered about this. So my opinion is that I think any kind of spoilers from 'The Fast and The Furious' series looks ridiculous on Accord. The OEM spoiler doesn't look that bad on Accord coupe, but looks okay-okay...
  11. Ironade

    Price of a used oem cat converter

    Yeah, of course, the catalytic converter isn't cheap. I bought mine from advance auto part for $214, it fits very well, and it turn the "engine check" light off. You can go for $130 if that person didn't put a lot of mileage on it.
  12. Ironade

    DIY Evap Canister Change - P1457

    It sounds like you have a crack on two way valve (#14 on picture below). You can check to see if there is any crack or whatever on two way value. It's inside the plastic cover next to vapor canister. It's not too hard to replace. I think I can take the pictures how to remove and install the two...
  13. Ironade

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    Maybe you should try to reach 1 million miles on your car so that you can get a free brand new car from Honda. :) 209k on my car.
  14. Ironade

    '98 V6 Sedan in Alabama...

    Welcome to site! I am originally from north Alabama (Coosa County), but I live in Florida to attend to university.
  15. Ironade

    FS: Quartz Gray leather interior, give me anything for this

    Re: Quartz Leather Interior~10/27 Price drop 4!!!~need gone You have a PM.
  16. Ironade

    FS: Quartz Gray leather interior, give me anything for this

    Re: Quartz Leather Interior~10/27 Price drop 4!!!~need gone I am interesting to get that dashboard, armrest, and front seats, but I am not sure if it will fit into my Accord sedan.
  17. Ironade

    FS: ..............

    rules :lock:
  18. Ironade

    FS: Badger's Ongoing Partout

    You have a PM.
  19. Ironade

    Catback Exhaust System and Wheels Questions

    All right, I got it. Thanks again, RedRyder!
  20. Ironade

    Catback Exhaust System and Wheels Questions

    Great, thanks everybody for your answers! I will not lower my car because there is so many speed bumper around here, so it is not worth it. Lol. One more question: What is the maximum of wheel width to fit into Accord w/ V6?
  21. Ironade

    Catback Exhaust System and Wheels Questions

    Hi everybody, I have a few questions about catback exhaust system and wheels.. My car is 1998 Honda Accord Sedan with V6 Vtec, and it has 2 original muffler. I am wondering if I can buy catback exhaust system - 1 muffler and install on my car, or do I have to get 2 mufflers no matter what...
  22. Ironade

    Cluster, Setting Milage, question

    Actually, I don't think you need the new cluster... you just can replace the plastic cover for cluster, that way you can keep the mileages on your car. You can find the plastic cover from junkyard, google, or someone from this website,

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