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  1. K-DAWG

    Twin turbo V6 in

    that thing is what i wish my car could be. hopefully i hit the lottery lol
  2. K-DAWG

    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    when ur cruising with your friends and girl then someone pulls up next to you with a lamborghini then blows past you:duckhunt:
  3. K-DAWG

    fothermucker's extremely bland '00 EX

    like the headers better now. nice ride man!
  4. K-DAWG

    Head Light Tail Light LED MOD 2000 ACCORD

    damn i love the headlights the tails look good too
  5. K-DAWG

    Watch the guys on the left side of the escalator

    i do that when i go to the mall but minus the fall
  6. K-DAWG

    Another Step Closer to the 400whp club

    nice man. whos closer u r ihazsnail? curious cause u roll with the sc and he has the turbo. two of my favs!!
  7. K-DAWG

    »Form follows Funtion« MikeyMike's »3.5 »S/c »6 Speed MT »Coupe [Updated 2/20/11]

    Re: [Updated 6/4/10]░░ MikeyMike's░░J35░░6MT░░SUPERCHARGED░░[56k] me too:love:
  8. K-DAWG

    CPP Meet + lakers game in parking lot!!! woo

    damn i wish i would knew about it
  9. K-DAWG

    **** man i missed it i just logged in today and seen.nah im in fontana but pomona is no prob...

    **** man i missed it i just logged in today and seen.nah im in fontana but pomona is no prob. how was it?
  10. K-DAWG

    Roll Call: Southwest (CA, AZ, NV)

    living in the 909 but always rolling down to the 626 to eats some boca del rio!!
  11. K-DAWG

    happy b day man

    happy b day man
  12. K-DAWG

    MoneyPit's ★J36★6MT★TURBO★ 2000 Accord Coupe EX AV6 (56k)

    damn where at in socal we should have a meet so i can see this beast in person
  13. K-DAWG

    Socal Ninja Decals *SOLD OUT*

    i want one as well on my bone stock sedan with paint peeling haha!!!
  14. K-DAWG

    curious about auto trannys

    damn im sorry man. i guess imma just do whatever i can and make it look clean
  15. K-DAWG

    curious about auto trannys

    ok well i checked my local autozone and they didnt have it in stock so im waiting till they do. if you get yours send me a pm to let me know.
  16. K-DAWG

    Instrument cluster wont light up

    ok thnx alot-
  17. K-DAWG

    Engine Not Starting

    same thing happened to mine. do a fuel emission i found that if i started it real quick and put it in drive it would put and eventually die. so have them check that and plugs
  18. K-DAWG

    Clock doesnt light up

    so any 5mm led??
  19. K-DAWG

    Instrument cluster wont light up

    hmm my dash works fine but my radio light and clock dont work and its pissing me off
  20. K-DAWG

    curious about auto trannys

    nice thought about the cooler. that sounds like a steal for only 60 bucks. thanks man
  21. K-DAWG

    curious about auto trannys

    ok thanks guy and its a ex v6 sedan. too bad its not a stick but like i mentioned before its not only mine so maybe ill slap on a cai, exhaust, and some headers which is probably what everyone else does. sucks though cause my friends clown me that our cars arent fast and clown me even more so...
  22. K-DAWG

    curious about auto trannys

    im not new to the site but i barely got my accord and its a auto. my wife cares about the exterior more than the performance and me its vice versa. she cant drive stick so i limited to a auto. what can i do to it to improve performance. i know of all the obvious this but no one ever talks...
  23. K-DAWG

    DrOwZee's ride **56k no dealL!**

    Re: DrOwZee's ride nice ride man i would think some rims first but hey thats just me. oh yeah the front emblem is sick
  24. K-DAWG

    hello everyone

    thanks everyone for the advice i will consider a 98 or 200 now. one more question doesnt the 2002 come with the immobilizer so its harder to steal. reason being is that my civic 91 << i know laugh but it was my baby was stolen and im trying to recoup and dont want that to happen again
  25. K-DAWG

    hello everyone

    hi im very into the 6th gens accords and have been to this site dozens of times and must say that im impressed with a lot that ive seen. i dont have a 6th gen but am looking to buy one. i am looking into a 2002 silver v6 sedan but i live in socal and everywhere i have looked the value seems a...

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