6 speed

  1. Devin Dean

    2021 6gen 6speed swap

    Happy 2021! I'm about to swap my B7XA 4-Auto for the ATC6 6 Speed. I hope to collect as much info on this thread as possible to make it even easier for future swappers. First and foremost: Wiring Harness. I'm going to be running stock ECU with stock J30a1. I guess RichieV6 created a swap...
  2. H

    FS: Richie's 6 speed module harness. + ECU

    Hi guys. Selling Richie's 6 speed harness/module along with the ECU. I was running the J32a2 with the CL speed transmission. No issues on the module whatsoever. Had a slight problem where the reverse lockout was working intermittently ( would stop working randomly ) but it was user error. I...