1. 4ccordg1rl

    F23A5 Manual to F20B Auto swap?

    So I'm looking at grabbing an F20B DOHC VTEC from a Torneo SiR-T at a local scrapyard, but the only two cars with the DOHC engine (be it an F20B or H22) are automatics. I'll be taking the whole engine, ECU and harness. What will be needed to make the VTEC engine work in my non-VTEC car on a...
  2. E

    Driving everywhere in 2nd Gear to remedy tranny problems V6 Automatic

    Hey all, I have had my 1998 V6 Accord Coupe for a few months now and like most of these honda's that have the original transmission, it has started to go out. Frequent slipping, jerking, staying in 2nd way too long and then BANG! going into third. It makes for a really rough and scary ride and...