1. Devin Dean

    2021 6gen 6speed swap

    Happy 2021! I'm about to swap my B7XA 4-Auto for the ATC6 6 Speed. I hope to collect as much info on this thread as possible to make it even easier for future swappers. First and foremost: Wiring Harness. I'm going to be running stock ECU with stock J30a1. I guess RichieV6 created a swap...
  2. A

    Is the coupe sunroof suppose to slide all the way back?

    First time I have owned the coupe but it doesn't look right that it doesn't slide all the way back. I checked the rails and I see no obstruction so I'm wondering if it was designed like that on purpose?
  3. T

    Time Attack springs,17 wheels,brakes

    Hello! I have 1999 Accord Coupe 2l ,4cl, 147hp question is what springs does the car most stiff (not just lowering),maybe someone participate in time attack events with the same ride ,can you explain your suspension and wheel specs . TY