06.07.2014: Cali Accord Meet Summer Collective


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Dec 9, 2011
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City of Angels
Hello, fellow supporters, followers, and enthusiasts!

The biggest Accord meet in North America, and arguably the world, is back! In our second year, Cali Accord Meet was able to gather all nine generations of the Accord chassis, more than double the amount of participants the day of the event, and were honored to receive a two page spread in the October 2013 issue of Honda Tuning magazine, which you can also view here. These accomplishments could not have been possible without the great people that are the Accord community! Gone is the scenic backdrop of Griffith Park and in its place is the coastal breeze and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean that Angel’s Gate & Point Fermin have to offer.

As always, not only do we expect more guests, but most importantly, more Accord enthusiasts! We look forward to meeting new friends, catching up with those we met last year, and taking a look at everyone’s Accord. Our summer collective is not a show, but instead an automotive gathering organized under the premise of our mission statement, which is to unifying Accord owners under the umbrella of the chassis.


What: Cali Accord Meet Summer Collective.
Where: Angel's Gate Overflow Parking Lot - San Pedro, Los Angeles, Ca
When: June 7th, 2014
Time: 11am - 4pm
Social Media: For the most up to date information, follow us @facebook.com/cali.accord.meet
Website: http://caliaccordmeet.com/site/