1998 f23 Manual-ECU help!


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Jun 17, 2020
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Columbus, OH
Hi everyone! I have an urgent need to get my 1998 accord running again. About 2 months ago it stalled less than a mile from my home and after I replaced the Distributor rotor it ran great for the next 3 days. Then on my way to work it would not start, and I have tried the Main fuel relay and an ignition switch from my local junkyard. Right now when you put the key in and try to start it there is no check engine light or key light on the dash. There is spark, but the fuel pump and injectors are not powered.
I am by no means an electrical expert but I have tried to “jump” the ground wire from the ECU to a bolt holding in the seat and that didn’t work but I may not have done it right. I really hope that my ECU is still functional and I really have no clue where to start next. Any help would be appreciated...
P.S. - this is my first post but I have been using all the helpful advice the community has shared over the past 3 years, and I greatly appreciate the passion