1999 EXL Sedan - Update Thread


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Oct 10, 2008
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seems like a lot of money to invest in a 10 year old car. you keep it clean so keep up the good work


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Sep 29, 2008
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Austin Texas
No excuses. I live in NYC, and we have some of the worst roads that are pothole ridden. You learn how to drive with it lol.

As for Function>Form, you have heard of Function and Form coilovers right?

as for LED tails, there are many options that don't stray too far from looking gaudy...

Check out this thread:


I'm pretty much sticking to the plan of no more mods or unnecessary spending on this car. I did move back to Texas but I just have no interest in modding this car. It's not special to me, it's just a car at this point.

11 years 3 accidents and 165,250 miles takes its toll on a car. My car looks great and it actually does drive rather well, but it has it's problems. I'm pretty much done with it. As soon as I can sell/trade it for something newer (03-07 accord or 06+ civic) I'm going for it. Sometimes you just have to part ways. I've already invested way too much into this car... someone else will fix a few things and have a great car as long as the tranny lasts. :paranoid:

I'm going to try and sell it for about 3950-4200 on CL. It shows pretty well so it shouldn't be a hard sale. I have every dealer service paper since 13 miles :). So it's well maintained.

You will know how this looks before this spring, hehe, my fellow Heather Mist owner.

I'm getting 35%, that's a pretty good number a lot of people choose that isn't too dark, but is worth the price for tint.

I love my tint. I'm at 30 front 25 rear I think... Can't wait to see your HMM Coupe Conv.

Thnks for lookin'.