1999 TL Brakes Swap


Feb 6, 2021
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Rochester, NY
Hey guys,

I'm looking to do some brake upgrades on my 2000 4 cylinder Accord sedan on the cheap. My local junkyard has a decent 1999 Acura TL. My thought would be to take the calipers for all four corners from the junkyard, and buy all new hubs, wheel bearings, rotors, and pads. Ideally, I'd effectively be doing a BBK and 5 lug swap in one fell swoop with this effort. I'd need to source 5 lug 16" wheels as well, but that's a separate issue that can be solved easily enough.

What I'm unsure of and haven't been able to find any information on is whether or not I'd only need to pull the calipers, or whether I'd need to pull suspension knuckles, as well. I already scoped out the TL at the junkyard while taking its strut tower brace, and I think I would need to pull the rear knuckles since the parking brake on the TL is a drum brake kind of situation inside of the rotor. Can't quite tell with the fronts.

Any information would be well appreciated! Thanks!

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