3.0 v6 stalls when engine bay is wet


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Feb 7, 2012
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ashland ohio
Searching through various forums, I have found that this is a common thing with Accords.

I find that if I wash the engine bay out, my car will stall, and then for the next couple of days will continue to stall while driving until it completely dry's out. I find that if I am able to keep the RPMs up while driving it does ok, but when stopping stalls and dies.

When it is dry, drives completely normal.

I do have a cold air intake, but is not wet when i was it out.

here is what I have done (some things were needing to be done)

1. replaced the dead main relay
2. going to replace the ignition switch
3. cleaned out the IACV

going to complete
1. completely cleaning intake manifold.

I'm assuming something electrical is getting wet but figured I would post here before diving in too much if there is something that is obvious that is typically the culprit.

I figured my next steps are to get certain parts of the engine bay wet and isolate from there.

any thoughts appreciated!