98accordky's 98 Accord V6 EX

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    May 5, 2011
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    I have meant to create my ride thread for a long time, but have just never gotten around to it. Unfortunately I find myself laid in bed by a small surgery so yey time.
    I bought my car in 2008 as a bone stock V6 with 100,000 miles the car of my dreams when it first came out. it now has 280,000 miles and is 20 years old and I still love my 6th gen.

    Album Link
    Engine / Perfomance

    K&N Typhoon Short ram Intake
    Ebay Headers
    Battetry relocation
    Wiper fluid bottle relocate
    Honda Odyssey Alternator
    Throttle Body coolant bypass
    NGK plugs and wires
    Positve battery distribution block from 2015 Chevy Cruze

    Suspension and Kicks
    TruHart lowering shocks
    Falcon Progressive lowering springs
    Ebay Rear Camber kit
    Front: 18 x 9.5 Kazera KZ-A wrapped in 225 45ZR 18 Continental Extreme Contacts
    Rear: 18 x 10.5 Kazera KZ-A wrapped in 265 35 ZR 18 Michelin Pilot
    Wheels were paint stripped and now full polished aluminum

    Interior I.C.E.
    LED interior light conversion Blue filter removed bright white
    (all hand soldered with resistors) red needles and reverse polarity red odometer.
    Custom euro cluster bezel ( work in progress)
    Cheap 7 inch android head unit
    2 8 inch planet audio subs in custom built band pass box
    Boss 2000 x 1 amplifier
    Reverse Camera

    Shaved front license plate holder front bumper
    Custom upper and lower grill from 1/8 thick SS steel mesh from Industrial Pump
    Front fenders rolled
    Rear fender rolled and stretched 1.5 inches
    Rear bumper from 02 6th gen
    Complete respray form emerald green to rustoleum white

    Mini morimoto H1 retrofit
    55w hid kenshin kit 6500k
    custom drl blue rings and led light strip
    custom switchback turn signal led arrows
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    Apr 21, 2017
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    I hope you recover quickly from your operation. Got any up to date pics of your ride? I was shopping at the junkyard the other day and picked up a positive battery cable from a BMW 3 series. I'm thinking about relocating my battery to the trunk, if not I'll sell the cable to someone who wants to. Do you know where I could find a write up on it?

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