FS: 99 Honda Accord EX


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Feb 7, 2010
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Central Jersey
Unforturnatly i have to sale my baby. Im getting married and looking to buy house. Car is located in Central NJ

Painted NHBP- i just got car yesterday from shop
Full Wings West lip Kit
JDM Ek Stanely smoked side markers
Wheels- 17" Tenzo R Miesters flat black brand new, with brand new tires
Weathertech window visors
rear lights tinted black, with tint paper not painted
Black Housing Headlights with 6k hids
Yellow bulbs for high beams

Black Rug
Roof,pillers, rear deck black suede
Pioneer P5200DVD flip put TV
Pioneer high end door speakers
Bemas 6x9 in deck
Pioneer tweeters in seatbelt pillars
tweeters on front doors
2 12" pioneer subs
JBL amp for subs
4 channel crunch amp for interiors
custom trunk, need to finish side panels (i have no time to finish)
2 auto meter carbon fiber guages(a/f ratio & volts) in cluster bezel
Viper 5901 remote stat alarm, with hood switch, trunk pop, airhorns loud when going off

Eibach pro kit 1.5" all around
kyb gr2 struts all around
new front hub bearing
brakes are good all around
new rear caliper
moog rear endlinks
borla exhaust tip for looks
Moog Outer tie rods
New Lower Ball Joints

Under Hood
Powder coated blue valve cover
Powder coated black heat shield
engine bay spray NHBP( in pics i havent had chance to clean bay since out shop)
Polished bolts, with blue washers, and blue bolts for struts
Injen intake short ram polished
Cruise control taken out
A/c works fine

Motor Details
car was Orginally Auto. I converted car to 5spd
My car was orginally ULEV, i converted it to NON-ULEV. i had spare harness and exhaust manifold so i change it over.
5spd trans from 98 honda accord, no problems
New Clutch kit, had flywheel resurfaced b4 install
New Honda Clutch master and slave Cylinder
New clutch line from honda
New Axle Seals
Honda Manuel trans fluid
New Axles when i converted it
Honda flywheel and pressure plate bolts
I didnt use auto rear mount, i used 5spd rear mount.

While motor was out of the car i also did
Timing belt, other belt
water pump
all new seals
all the tensior pulleys
oil pan gasket
New exhaust mani gasket

Speedo and reverse lights work, like if car came factory.

i have stock wheels for winter and stock suspension to go with car.

i had alot of plans for car, i was going to swap an H and 1 piece sus. next. my loss is ur gain. no cel lights nothing

Please Serious Offers Only!

Car and engine bay is dirty. I havent had time to wash cuz its been raining out here.
Also doing tune-up to her today. cap,rotor, new pvc, spark plugs, wires, oil change
always changed with 5w20 penziol. i change oil every 2 months i like my oil fresh




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Sep 5, 2008
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Fawking, OH
Amount? Interior shots? Seems like a well put together car, you did a nice job with it. I would consider returning it to stock though, selling a modified car can be difficult if you do not find the right buyer. Though it might not even matter since it's swapped. Either way, good luck!

Btw I would also recommend not selling a car to buy a house. You might regret selling it, I would just wait on the house and keep saving your money for a decent down payment. Do you have a second car? If not, the inconvenience of sharing one with someone will not be worth the few thousand you’d get for it. Do what you gotta do, but make sure you're seeing the big picture.


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Feb 7, 2010
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Central Jersey
Thanks for compliment. Me selling car will go towards what I already have saved. I do have another car. I will have interior shots ASAP. Car is at shop getting wet sanded and buffed. As for price idk where to price it. I have so much invested. I will consider serious offers.


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Sep 11, 2008
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Bucks county, PA
Sounds like it is well maintained. I also like the murdered out look and modest stance. overall tastefully modified. However, you forgot to list mileage!

and at least put a rough idea of what amount of $$ you'd be looking to get.