9K Racing Party/Meet This Friday Jan. 17th!!! SoCal!!!!


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Aug 30, 2008
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Hey Guys, my shop (9K Racing) is throwing a huge party/car meet tomorrow and all of ya'll are invited. The main lot has reserved spots, but there will be parking on the streets out front and in neighboring parking lots. Party is 18+ and entry is free as long as you have a girl with you .....basically free as long as you have a 1 to 1 ratio, and it's $10 per head for guys without girls. BYOB for drinks. There will be a raffle, parts toss, beer, babes, cars, 2-3million in cars, food trucks (Including White Rabbit), taco guys, and me :wave:.

Party/Meet starts at 9pm and ends whenever...probably like 2am. Then we'll most likely go to another location for some drifting & fun.

Hope that some of you can make it! Feel free to start a list of people attending and maybe you guys can do some last minute meet up to roll through together.

Here's a link to the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/581697995235964/

"9K Racing's Life is 2 Short To Not Party Hard 2nd Annual Car Show and All Out Party

The automotive world's biggest car party of the year.

Hot girls, Hot cars, and Positive Vibes

Share and post on instagram if you are coming. We expect between 600-1,000 people at this event throughout the night.

Check out the info @

Hosted by 9K Racing, Villany, Import Tuner, Stay Crushing, Smoke Free Source SFS, Jimmy Up

If you will be attending feel free to post it on instagram, facebook, or via text messages. If you have any questions, just call 626 - 339 - 3301."