abs wheel sensor and the abs light


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Mar 24, 2010
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New York
I am so stoked right now after fixing the damn ABS light. The 2000 accord coupe has about 201k miles (not my DD anymore). Anyways I ordered two standard motors rear ABS sensors (ALS802 and ALS800) from rockauto, who delivered them so freaking fast haha. The night I installed them the damn ABS light still came on. The next day I reset the light and it came back on. After doing the paper clip scan I knew the two rears were still the culprit.

I did the resistance test and then the voltage test both on a cheapo multimeter.
Resistance was fine (around 17xx and stable) but there was NO voltage generated at all when I hand spun the wheel.

Turns out there was so much rust build up that I had to clean the surface some more with a dremel!
Then I had to reposition the sensors in such a way so that when I manually spun the wheel a voltage was read on the multimeter.

Interesting that the positioning of the sensor can make a difference bc there really isn't a lot you can move around. But then again that hole isn't exactly in good shape at all. I had to chip away what was left of the old sensor and the rust. not fun.

The light went off by itself right away so I knew it was fixed. So many of the you tube videos showing replacement don't mention this but I highly recommend on an older car to check the resistance and voltage of the new sensors before putting everything back b/c the sensor tip needed to be VERY close to the reluctor ring.
Hope this helps someone!
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Sep 5, 2008
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Thanks for the info. I changed my rear passenger wheel speed sensor, it had become part of the hub haha. It came out in chunks and the copper was like fine hair that unwound like string cheese. A simple swap with a new sensor fixed my ABS light though, didn't run into your problem luckily.