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Discussion in 'Life Lessons' started by 2000BlackCoupe, Mar 11, 2011.

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    It's not often I disagree with you, even less often I feel the need to state such when I do, but this time I do.

    The truth is, a lot of psych diagnosis is guessing. Because it's rare that you get a patient/client who sticks with therapy long enough to form a relationship with the psychologist/psychiatrist, so they get a chance to learn not only your personality, but your history and the context of your actions in your own life.

    Because of that, there are a lot of people who are misdiagnosed. And I think it's been made worse by psychopharmacology. There are a lot of great drugs that have been developed that can do amazing things to help people. But they are never universally effective, and they should never be considered an easy fix for someone. I think a lot of practitioners don't bother to consider that though, and jump to prescribing meds on the first visit with a client.

    I've had a few very close friends with bipolar family members, and I have full faith it's a real disease. And it can definitely contribute to addiction, and risk taking behavior. If someone is manic-depressive, people do crazy **** when they are manic because they think they are invincible and can take on the world, and sometimes end up throwing all common sense out the window. I'm not talking about a baller weekend in Vegas kind of behavior. I mean running into traffic on an Interstate because they forget cars can kill them at 60mph. If you combine that kind of recklesness with someone who has been exposed to drugs, or has friends who habitually abuse substances, it can definitely contribute to addiction.
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    Cody, one of my very good friends lost his **** when he cheated on his girlfriend, told her, and she broke up with him. Recently (past year or so) he just been bat**** crazy, and had a lengthy discussion with one of my friends about how the government was watching him, and how he planned on murdering a family and running away to Colorado. Then, a few days later when I saw him next, just the same old idiot I've come to know and love as a friend over the past 6-7 years.
    I too, fully believe that bi-polar disorder is real
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    I agree with this as well as I could go a lot further but I choose to stay out of this thread now due to my huge emotional connection with the field of mental health and substance abuse / addiction field. Bipolar disorder is very real and very misdiagnosed however is still not as misdiagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder however with AXIS II Diagnosis / Personality Disorders you can't treat with medication so therefore they get lumped into the bipolar / mania / ADHD diagnosis because Doctors misdiagnose. I've seen some very heavy cases of bipolar and it is very scary. Again, where I work I work with patients for a very long time, from the time they get clean up to a year or more later and I can't count the number of extreme bipolar episodes and schizophrenic episodes. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but there is proven evidence on the study of how your brain functions with bipolar and how the nerve endings misfire. All lithium carbonate does is regulate how your brain's nervous system fires regulating moods, also depacote as well does the same type of thing however Lithium is naturally produced in the brain, a salt.

    I will say that it is very hard for me to not want to use my personal addiction recovery experience as well as my education etc to come into this thread and start building up my ego however a very wise man once stated "If you knew so much, then why aren't people asking you?" So I will end with this.

    Addiction destroyed everything that I had, It wasn't about stopping the drugs and drinking as it is stopping my impulsive / self destructive behaviors. Human beings have Schemas, or mal-adaptive coping styles, that they develop throughout their lives. I had to learn to stop acting out on the same negative behavior patterns before I could really have any success in recovery. Mental illness's are 100% proven to be real without a doubt, however they are hugely! misdiagnosed and in my experience is due to the patient not being honest with the Dr. either exaggerating, ignoring, or minimizing their symptoms. Like I said, you can sober up a horse thief, however you still have a sober horse thief. Addiction kills so many people, I see it everyday! The sad thing is people don't allow the addict to suffer consequences and pain so they never have a reason to change and then they go on to bitter ends, jails, institutions, and death.

    I know I said I am going to stay away however I feel like with my addiction / recovery experience and my hours and hours of education on so many levels, I am finally qualified to share seriously on a thread for once on this site :lawl:

    The scary thing I've realized is people's denial about their underlying issues involving what contributed to their starting drug in the first place, either internal (mental illness, depression, anger, abandonment, mistrust/abuse, defectiveness, failure, etc) and/or external (family environment, cultural impact, learning disability, etc)

    I promise I don't need a response to what I just said due to knowing what I speak is the truth lol, honestly I was just sharing mental health / substance abuse fields views.
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    That's intense bro. The fact that you're down to 5 a day is short of a miracle in comparison to where you were at. I really hope you can bring yourself to drop it altogether. It ain't easy and that's for damn sure. I smoked about a pack a day for 7 years, so I cannot imagine how strong your addiction is.

    To me, it sounds like you've got a good control on it. I believe that you can do it, especially with how much you've dramatically reduced your intake. Five a day, in terms of total nicotine consumption, is nothing. Dropping that cold turkey should be easy. BUT! I believe the mental toll would be hard to deal with, so you should stick to whatever methods have been working for you.

    Honestly, the first 2 days were like pulling teeth. The first day I didn't even get 1 hour of sleep, even though I laid in bed for 9 hours straight. The 3rd was okay, but I had some close calls. I had a very very hard time concentrating on anything other than smoking, my hands were shaking; I felt very very overwhelmed... My methods are simple; feed into my ego. I love to lift heavy weights and be better than anyone else at anything. So the plan is simple... Remind myself that being a pussy is not an option. Yes, I will literally tell myself "you're being a weak b*tch" for wanting to go outside and smoke. <<< Although, this ain't gonna work for those who cannot play that mindgame with themselves.

    You know what though. After 24 hours, it becomes really easy. After 48 hours, all that matters is that you don't let stress/anxiety get the best of you. I just passed the 72 hour mark, and I'm feeling good and confident. I can see improvements in cardiovascular activities, I feel better and my concentration is no longer on getting a fix. When I get irritated, I slam gum into my mouth. If I get really mad, I walk away and slam more gum in. 2 pieces is better than 1. :) Just like when you chain smoke because your mad. It ain't easy, but you gotta remind yourself that you're not weak, and you ultimately have the choice, not your addiction.

    Addiction is in the mind. The withdrawls are in/caused by the mind. Control the mind, beat the addiction. Its all a mental game.
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