Anyone using Android head units?

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    I've got the factory double din radio with 6-cd changer, and thinking about getting an Android double din head unit. I've been wanting to add a backup cam, and an Android head unit would be a slick way to have a screen for the cam instead of buying a dedicated camera screen that mounts to the windshield.


    Ebay is full of sub-$100 Android head units. Some even include a backup cam. Anyone have experience with Android head units? Are the cheap ones just garbage?

    Some newbish questions:
    1. Can the steering wheel controls on the 6GA connect to the Android head units that have a steering wheel control feature?
    2. Is the 6GA radio a standard size double din - i.e., will pretty much any Android double din fit?
    3. And would I just need something like this Metra dash kit?
    4. And I guess I need some kind of connector adapter(s) with a connector to the factory connector(s) and a bunch of wires coming out to solder to the wires from the head unit's connector?

    Any particular models you'd recommend?
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