Axles and LSD


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Oct 9, 2006
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Yes you really definatlly need a lsd if you want to get the power to the ground.

Right now i'm making 301whp and 310ft-lbs tq and i'm using a M2B4 jdm honda prelude tranny with factory lsd and driveshaft shop level 2.9 axles.

That combo has really held up really well and the lsd is a must at the track.

If you can try to get a h22 tranny with factory lsd i picked mine up for $700, I like the h22 tranny due to the shorter gear ratios which is great for acceleration the only down fall is that the car tops out at 121mph due to the shorter gear ratios i just run out of gearing.

But it all depends on if your for acceleration or top speed.

And since it runs about 800 to 900 for a lsd anyway it's cheaper to just get the h22 tranny it's up to you.

Or is you want a good mixture of both acceleration and top speed i would go with a h23 tranny.

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