bad Knock sensor?


Nov 20, 2015
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North carolina
I'm having more issues yet again. I have just done a re ring on my f23a1, following that I was having issues with the idle(idle had been crazy for a while) and basically no power and the Vtec not working i was throwing all kinds of codes for the TDC sensor, MAP sensor, Barometric Pressure Sensor, and after changing all of those along with a new IACV I had fixed the idle issue and the car was running great until it comes to driving where i still have no power and no vtec. So i ran the codes again and I got one for the TPS and a vtec malfunction. After replacing the TPS and triple checking myself on everything and doing some reasearch online through multiple forums i've came to the idea of possibly a bad knock sensor even tho i'm not getting a code for it. So my question is this could a bad knock sensor cause Vtec not to kick in and the motor to just feel sluggish especially after about 4000 rpm i know it can cause gas mileage to be awful which mine is i'm getting around 15 miles to a gallon where i usually get around 24-28. anything will help i'm sorry if this has already been cover i searched it in the forums and didn't come up with anything but thanks in advance guys!!