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    Oct 15, 2016
    Been almost 2 years since I was here, but it felt like ages, since we sold our CG. I have not left the Honda fam, but happen to drive one. Unfortunately, life occurred in 2020, where I ended up in 4 accidents in total. 2nd Accident, I totaled our 2016 Rogue SL (the one that became my daily while we had the CG); 4th accident was a brand new Porsche 911 rear-ending me and fleeing in Downtown Miami. Now I inherited the title of our family MDX and now it became my daily. And I am slowly modding it, and will have a thread of it somewhere (might link it to the Acura forums).

    Goal is to get the exterior have the murdered out look. Right now, I changed the OEM wheels to Black and added Junction Produce Neck pillows. I got a list of plans for modifications, but also need to set aside, some money just in case life hits me again.

    But downside is, its nearly as impossible to keep this beauty as clean as our CG.



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