Castlevania resurrected

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    As I’ve gotten older and seem to have limited time for video games with having a house, 3 cars, 2 kids, etc…I’ve gotten back into older games that are easier to pick up and play and put down. And an old genre I have really missed playing is the Castlevania series. After they went 3D I personally felt the games were just never as good as the sidescrollers of yesteryear, and eventually Konami stopped making Castlevania games altogether. I am watching the series on Netflix and played through some older games recently, and that got me wishing for a new entry in the series.

    Anyway I found out the guy at Konami who was basically responsible for all the older beloved Castlevanias had quit and gotten a kickstarter going a few years ago for a new project that continues that genre staying true to the formula that made it so great in the first place. And the crowdfunding way exceeded expectations, and the budget became much larger. Here’s his kickstarter video haha:

    So basically a Castlevania game in all but name. This guy has even brought others from previous projects onboard with him to work on this new one. I know it’s cliché but Symphony of the Night is one of my all time favorites, and a lot of that game is supposed to be echoed here.

    TL;DR - It comes out June 18th for PS4/Xbox1/PC and June 25th for Switch. So if you miss playing 2D Castlevania, I recommend checking this out. I'm pretty excited for it.
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    There's also a new classic Castlevania collection available on consoles.

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