CEL not working/no ground

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    Nov 16, 2019
    Hi everyone - i have tried to search this issue but cannot seem to find anything specific so am hoping i can find some help here . The check engine light in my 98 Accord sedan does not work, it doesn't light up at all, for example when the ignition is turned to position two or when the diagnostic port is jumped to read codes the light is never illuminated. The car starts and runs normally and every other light in the cluster works just fine, there is no other issues with the car whatsoever.

    I have taken the cluster out and checked the bulb, replaced it with a known working bulb, still nothing, i have then tested the bulb socket for voltage and could confirm it was receiving 12V however was not receiving ground.

    So i am wondering where to go from here, how is the CEL grounded and where/what provides the ground and is this something that can be rectified? im not too technical when it comes to the electronic side of things but it would be nice to have a working engine light so if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment! thanks


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