Cjsaccord 2000 Coupe EX-L V6 56K o_O


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Mar 20, 2011
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Good wheel choice, stands out a lot imo. Any close shots of how the str 601 polish lip look or is it machined? I thought about those rims aswell a while back

As to Storms, yeah I think sedan fogs look great on our coupe. There's a member on here with a silver coupe slam with a black lip that kinda attracted me with his sedan fogs aswell, forgot who though
Thanks dude!
The lips are just machined, I thought about getting them polished but that would be too much maintenance since this is my dd.
Perfect wheel choice for your car imo. All I can say is, flawless victory.
Thanks Chris! It means a lot hearing that from you.
That thing's a beauty!
Thanks dude, Your ride is looking good also, I hope to see you at the bbq tomorrow.
Looks really good bud!!! Really liking the sedan fogs on the coupe!! I might just have to go that route.
Go for it, it looks more cleaner imo
Looking good cornel on the new setup! Fitment is tasteful and not ridiculous!!!!:peace:
Thanks Corey! I still need to make some minor adjustments to it.