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Sep 5, 2005
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Alexandria, VA
The following rules apply to both FS/WTB subforums. Members must follow the rules, or the thread will be locked, they will receive an infraction or possible ban.

1. Members must have at least 80 legitimate posts and be registered for 5 days to create a For Sale/Trade thread. Any member found to be making useless posts just to increase their post count will be dealt with.

2. Any item you list for sale or trade must be your own item. we do not allow selling parts or services for others.

3. When posting a thread, be sure to include: description, price and whether you will ship or not. Pictures of the item(s) are required.

4. No "feeler" or "testing waters" threads are allowed

5. Please be sure to add one of the prefixes to your title (ex. FS:, FT: or WTB: ).

6. Keep F/S and WTB threads ON TOPIC! Off topic chatter will not be tolerated in the classified section. If you have a legit question about an item, that is perfectly fine, but NO OFF TOPIC CHATTER. This includes complaining about someone's selling price or thread jacking. If you don't like the price, don't buy it, or take it to PM's. If someone posts their car up for sale, DO NOT post in the thread asking the OP to part items out unless he/she says they are interested in doing so. If you have ANY off topic questions, take it to PM's. First offense will be an infraction, second will be a three day ban. This is your warning.

7. OP's of F/S threads are permitted to bump their threads only ONCE every twenty four hours. The same goes for WTB and Trade threads.

8. Items you are selling must be off the car and ready to ship before you can make a FS thread.
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