Cooling the trailer.

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    don't even need the generator, just get a power inverter and run a line from the car :shrug:
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    Would a power inverter support the 750w draw from the AC unit?

    Even if so, the generator can be used for more things than just AC power.

    Like, the OP will be going camping. I'm sure the OP can use power for something while going camping, right?
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    Loving all the ideas!! Like I originally said this trailer will only be used on camping trips. My wifes car handles all the dog park trips seeing she has a black interior lol. But 200 plus pounds is pushing it for tongue weight. As far as skipping the gen and running power from the car that's an issue in it's own. Wifes brother is coming down when the trailer is outta the shop next month to work on the wiring. He's gonna build me a box to plug into the car for when I'm pulling the trailer.

    What I'm looking at now is a 7 or 8 prong outlet you see on trucks. Need it to handle all the lights including the reverse lights ( because I want it, not sure why but i just do haha) also the two windows. For when we are driving if it starts to rain I want to be able to roll the windows up on the trailer from the car. Just ordered my back up camera to keep an eye on the pups but that will be wired separately.

    Again appreciate all the input.

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