DR sd Cv axle noise


Apr 26, 2024
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Central Washington
Hey guys,

I have a 2000 hond accord ex.

So recently have been changing all the parts in my front end. Everything is going pretty well. There is just something im a little worried about. Idk if its an acceptable amount of play or not. so ill do my best to describe it. i dont have a video at the moment. but in the morning ill roll to my shop and get some video for you guys.

So with my front end up in the air, and the tires still on. if i move my dr sd tire back and forth. there is what seems like alot of noise coming from where the cv axle inserts into the trans, or diff. when i move my passenger side tire back and forth. there is no noise. but on the other side. it still has that almost sounds like a clunking when the tire rotates to its locking point. i could be way over thinking this.

Also found it kind of weird. Had my car up in the air, put it into neutral. and my drivers side tire started rotating like it was in drive. could having nothing to do with it. but thought id add that. recently when i did my ball joints and tie rod ends. my cv axle on that drivers side got pulled out of its knuckle inside the boot. So i popped the metal band on the boot, regreased, measured, and reinstalled it. I re used the retaining ring.

Last but not lease haha. Sorry guys, big topic. On my passenger side, when applying the brakes, i get a clicking noise. At first i thought it was brake pad clips, but after tearing them apart a couple times realized that it hadn't been leaving any marks or anything on the rotor or clips. so couldn't be them. I retorqued my ball joints and tie rod ends just to make sure. and went to retorque my cv nut, axle nut, whatever you'd like to call it. and noticed it was Seized. so either it jumped threads, i cross threaded it, or over torqued it. My question is could that cv axle be making the clicking noise when braking?

Parts that have been changed,
Brake pads, Rotors.
control arms, upper and lower fronts
Sway bar links
tie rod ends, (inner and outer)


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May 31, 2015
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Rochester Hills, Michigan
Wheels will spin even in neutral at idle, that's normal. Grab the wheel and shake it up-down and right-left to see if there's any play. If you dont hearing the clunking sound while it's driving, I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe a wheel bearing is on its way out?

Clicking sound is most likely your axle going bad.

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