Enkei makes Honda Wheels??


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Feb 24, 2008
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Ok so back to the enkeis...How do you guys think they would look painted gold or bronze? Has anyone seen this before or has pics? I would love to see these wheels painted.

Asian Invasion

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Aug 29, 2007
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Japanese Wheel Standards and Regulations for the Aftermarket

The following information is a basic explanation of wheel testing and marking requirements for the Japanese after market. The JWL and VIA marks are required for all wheels being manufactured for the Japanese market. It is possible to sell wheels with only the JWL, but JAWA has been pressuring retail chains and shops to only carry products that have both marks/testing.

JAWA Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association
JAWA (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association), is an organization made up of various wheel companies, and carries out research and technical studies concerning the manufacture, marketing and distribution of automotive light alloy wheels. These activities also include market and technical research aimed at developing new demand for industry products plus many other related activities. To achieve these objectives, JAWA aims to improve the quality of the Automobile Light Alloy Wheel and promotes liability of our product in the Automotive Aftermarket.

JWL Mark
Japan Light Alloy Wheel (JWL) Standard for Passenger Cars. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport requires that aluminum wheels for passenger cars (with 3, 5, and 7-number plates) sold in Japan bear the JWL mark. The JWL mark can be displayed on wheels that have passed the standard through a self-certification system.

JWL-T Mark
Similarly, the ministry requires aluminum wheels for trucks and buses (with 1 and 4-number plates) to bear the JWL-T mark. Even if a vehicle is classified as a passenger car (with 3, 5, or 7-number plates), if it comes with LT tires as standard equipment due to its GVW (gross vehicle weight), it must use aluminum wheels bearing the JWL-T mark.

VIA Mark
A third-party entity called the Vehicle Inspection Association verifies whether a product meets the requirements prescribed by the JWL or JWL-T standard. This association permits a product to bear a VIA mark if it passes rigorous quality and strength verification tests conducted in accordance with the JWL or JWL-T standard.

JAWA Certificate Sticker
The JAWA Quality Certificates: Since 1995, JAWA has introduced the “JAWA Quality Certificate” system to protect and develop consumer confidence in wheel safety and quality. The certificate guarantees that all products qualify to the JWL and JWL-T light alloy disc wheel standards approved by Japanese Ministry of Transport and the products are registered under VIA regulations after strict quality testing by three types of testing methods.

In order to maintain high safety standards, JAWA supports the JWL and JWL-T technical standard and promotes JAWA VIA Registration System.
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Sep 6, 2005
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bronze ftw.

my civic seat belts are made by takata, i think my accord as well...

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