ever thought about killing yourself?

Discussion in 'Life Lessons' started by x5carl3tMurd3rx, Oct 2, 2012.

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    As someone who has lost 3 friends, a few acquaintances, a family member, and possibly a best friend (not sure if it was suicide or accidental), I can say this. Most people who are at that point are far beyond where a friend or family member can just "step in" and provide moral support. Trust me, though in none of those cases did someone actually make it clear they would kill themselves, or said it enough times to make it seem like it wasn't going to happen, nobody would take my support or the support of there friends and family.

    I also don't believe it's necessarily as selfish thing. Sure, it has no positive effects, and negatively affects anyone who cares about the person. When you really have been through it, you begin to realize they were at such a bad place that they could not rely on the people they hurt to make another decision. I am not saying it's ever a good idea to take your life, but I don't blame people anymore when they do so. With some of these people I knew, they really did have issues that would have never been solved, no matter how much support they had, both moral and medical.

    I don't want to be a downer or say it's cool. For me in my 20's, it was a fact of life I dealt with every few years, sometimes more often. Maybe I am jaded from that. I just think everyone has there own path and some don't make it as far. My $.02.
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    its kinda funny I read this post now caught me eye. I don't know anyone that has killed themselves but you always hear about it on the news or something. Only thing I can relate to is early college years dealing with work, family issues, relationship issues I was overwhelmed and took myself to counseling at school which I think back was a good idea even though I never thought about suicide, the counselor did question me deeply about it.

    This year has been very rough for me on all levels which reminded me of my past, I just never thought of self inflicting harm even though I recognize I am depressed i've kept trucking on. Life is hard, some people deal with problems better then others. I read some comments about friends or family stepping in but that may not be enough some people do need professional help.
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