Exhaust recommendations?


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Aug 21, 2023
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Charlotte, NC
Hey, 6th gens! Im new to this forum and all of them as this is my first forum post ever. My name's Michael and I drive a 99 Accord Sedan EX 2.3l auto trans! Cosmetic is not really my main concern, my paint is fading crazy and I have dings and knicks everywhere lmao. Anyways I'm looking for recommendations here in 2023 for exhaust headers. I'm currently rocking a full bolt-on exhaust from an ECCPP header, a gutted cat, and a fancy dancy Yonaka Catback. My point is the ECCPP header sounds like s**t and isn't exactly welding all that great so I'm looking for a better one. Yeah, I know an $80 USD header wasn't the smartest choice but that's all I could find, smh. Also, I'm not exactly mechanically inclined so does anyone know if the 4-speed auto is upgradable without a swap? I'm trying to stay stock until the motor blows or something and I can do a head swap and a camshaft upgrade. The transmission was replaced because it went out however the new transmission only has around 90k miles but the motor is factory and between me and the other 2 owners it's at 270k ish miles. I'd appreciate any input and if this ain't the right place to post this thread please point me in the right direction! Thank you for reading!