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Sep 6, 2017
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San Antonio
Yo. Here's my obligatory new guy post. Texas resident, San Antonio local. I've liked four banger sports tuning since I got my learner's permit, and let's just say that was a while ago. Recently got myself a '00 EX coupe with a F23 engine, manual. Was just trading out for a better vehicle to save on gas cause I do delivery driving.

Imagine my surprise / excitement when I found out I actually traded for a potential beast. My garage mad scientist friend says he can get me up to over 300whp easy for an efficient price. Doubt I'll stop there. Going to set it up sleeper style.

Plans are to keep it sleeping, as I'm not into flashy setups. My immediate plan involves a jumper and a chipped p28. Near future plans involve some suspension work, directionals, air intake, and some upgraded brakes. By February I'm planning to upgrade to a tranny from the h22a setup, dyno tuned turbo pushing 9psi, and a cat back system.

At that point I should be around 320 to 350whp, maybe more depending on what my mad scientist finds. After that, I'd probably get it a nice paint job and some larger wheels so low profiles wouldn't look ridiculous, but not anything fancy. Also thinking about getting a backup engine to possibly rework and machine for better performance later on, while I slowly replace parts under the hood to look cleaner / perform better.

Gonna try to give those v6 enthusiasts a run for their money. If you know what I mean.

I'll be putting up a thread in the members rides section once I get some time, and plan to chronicle my sleeper's journey there!

Feel free to say Hi, post questions and/or suggestions, or even message. I'm mostly ears.
(Kudos if you figure out that joke)
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Sep 5, 2008
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Fawking, OH
^No problem. Well it depends on which forum skin you are using, which you can check by going to User CP > Edit Options > Forum Skin (near bottom). Anyway I think they all have a symbol near the right side of the post you want to rep, just hover over each icon until you find the right one, and click on it. In some subforums however, like Members Rides, the rep function is not used. In this subforum, it is.

By the way those links were all found in the "stickied" sections (located at the top of the page) in various forums so they are easy to find. But I appreciate it. ;)

Rusty Accord

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Feb 27, 2017
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Welcome. This is a really great site, with tons of info. Look around, and I'm sure you'll be a regular in a short time.