F23A1 head on F23A block


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May 4, 2013
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Hey guys, relatively new to the performance end of things and had a couple of simple questions about some work about to be done to my CG.

So my car overheated... and when I say overheated, I mean catastrophically. The head is done. So I did some research and sourced all the info I needed in terms of getting my car back on the road. I located a new (used) head, a BNIB head gasket, BNIB intake manifold, and a highly reputable machine shop nearby.

It turns out that this head has upgraded valves and retainers! My first question is, what kind of gains should I expect to see with these upgrades? High-end? Low-end? No-end? lol

And lastly, I was using 10w-30 high mileage oil in the F23A before the head went. Should I change the type of oil now with this upgraded head being brought into the equation?

Just want to make sure that I have my car running as problem-free and efficiently as possible.