FS: F23a1 part out

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    Dec 25, 2016
    selling parts off my old f23a1. engine was burning oil from rings so decide to put an H series in

    engine comes complete minus fuel rail, no header, no crank pulley.

    have distributor ( has alot of play in the key but would be awesome as a spare to keep on hand or use for the coil and ICM)

    fresh ngk wires brand new

    removed from my 2000 accord.

    could use the crank and rods for g23 stroker build


    can use f23 intake mani on f22 engine for preforanace

    PM to reach me. parts starting at $20 and up ( if you need a few small things can group em but need a minimum of $20)

    Shipping from canada . i am paypall ready . you be too
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    Aug 21, 2016
    Good luck with the part out. More importantly, good luck with the H swap. In waist deep in the middle of an h23 swap now and 2000 dollars and 2 months later I’m almost done. To be fair I decided to rewire the entire engine bay and pull he Ecu harness put to make my life easier in the long run.
    Anyways good luck lol. Sorry about the f23, or am I? Now you have an excuse to do the swap guilt free haha.

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