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    Perfectly said. FFX had that problem too, Auron was the only cool character, the rest you look at them and just think "how the hell do these people know how to fight?, or how is this skinny kid even strong enough to do anything?". I agree about the characters in VII being connected, that's why I wish they would port all the other spinoffs like Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core to Playstation so I can play them and learn more of the lore. I hate handhelds/portables too much to play anything on them, having such a small screen kills the fun.

    FFVIII was good too, I got a ways in but also never finished it. I remember learning the new magic system and immediately missing materia haha. But I thought the gunblade was the coolest thing ever. I think it was mostly just that it couldn't hold my interest after VII had just captivated me so much.

    I also struggle playing newer games. I don't know if it's just because I got older, or if games really aren't as good, but I do not enjoy gaming nearly as much as I used to. Nothing I have played in recent memory had me wanting to play for hours. Last one I remember that did was Dishonored and that was a couple years ago. I did go back and play FFIII (VI) on my SNES and got pretty far, that was fun but that game is way too expansive even for me so I took a break and haven't gotten back to it yet.

    RE2 was awesome. There is some other zombie game, Death Island maybe, and it's basically a brainless slasher film. It was either Gran Turismo 3 or 4 where I felt like it lost what made it so intriguing and authentic in the first place, and I lost interest in it. The first couple felt distinctly Japanese. In the first GT all you need is the Mitsu GTO and you can own everything haha.

    Another game that has gone downhill is Castlevania. I think after they went from sidescrolling to 3D the series just lost something. I wish they still made sidescrollers, I don't see why everything has to be 3D. Sometimes I get sick of all the complexity and that's when I turn on Super Castlevania IV on my SNES and have a ball.

    Just remembered another game that recently sparked my interest: Assassin's Creed Black Flag. When I realized you got your own ship to sail around in an open world and discover new places, that was really cool. And the naval warfare in that game is really fun in how you fire at ships, disable them, and then board them. That game's problem is that it was geared toward novice gamers because it does a little too much for you when it comes to the mechanics.
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    Me and my friend used to laugh when we would cast blizagga or thundaga because the names were so stupid lol. The fact that you can run out of magic bummed me out about that game. I do have to agree with you on castelvania. I have the original one for NES which I play from time to time. I wil say the music in the original drives me nuts because the loops are really short so eventually you hear the same loop so many times you go :yuno::banghead:
    You're not wrong about gran turismo. 1,2 and 3 were amazing but after that they started to feel less modern and really cheap. Take gran turismo 6 for instance. God aweful physics, cars sounded like vacuums, only half the cars had an interior view , the cars handled like crap and the races felt like boring marathons. After that I swore I was done with GT.

    I since moved to forza for a realistic experience. If you drive a honda in the game and drive slow and thn mash it you can actualy hear the vtec crossover. Thats something almost everyone probably overlooked but I checked and was amazed at the level of detail. You're not wrong in the fact that games are going downhill. There's still a few other epics worth mentioning. Metal gear solid was amazing, especially the story telling, 1&2 of course, spyro, medievil, tomb raider, silent hill, I could go on for days about older games I still have and play.

    I never got into assassins creed but I do love watchdogs. The concept anyway.

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