Front Caliper Not Retracting


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Jan 6, 2015
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2000 Accord LX
154k miles

The front passenger caliper on this car won't retract. I'm stumped what might be the cause.

We've relegated this Accord to "seldom-used" status, so every month or so I drive it around the neighborhood for a mile run. During my most recent circuit, I noticed after ~10mins the car struggling to maintain 20mph, and it coasted to an immediate stop (in both drive and neutral). I suspected a seized caliper. I got it home and confirmed my suspicion. While the brakes cooled I bought an aftermarket caliper seal kit. I had the entire job completed inside an hour. The piston, piston seal, and bore—all twenty-three years young—were pristine. For prudence sake, I also replaced the years-old amber-hued brake fluid throughout the entire system. I took it for a drive and within ten minutes the same thing happened.

The only thing I can think might be at fault is the non-OEM piston seal I installed. Otherwise I'm stumped. Anyone familiar with this sort of gremlin?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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