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Oct 25, 2010
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new york
Hey 6GA , Ive been trying to situate this sub in my car for so long. I have two 1600w Pioneer sub woofers (800w each). I came to a conclusion that the amp i had was really trash and i wanted to know what you guys suggest i get for about a $170 price limit. Here is the specs on the subs ( kinda knew at this lol) Thanks alot

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Dec 27, 2005
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yeah, no...not anywhere close to 800w. i take crutchfield's specs with a grain of salt, but they even say 150w each. (on a side note, i love how they cooked the sensitivity spec by using 1 volt instead of 1 watt.)

now, if you promise to be careful with the gain and volume knobs, you have a couple options:
1. get a 300w-ish amp for now
2. get a more powerful amp if you may upgrade in the future

since you're using 2 4-ohm drivers, you can either wire them to a 2-channel amp (2 x whatever @ 4 ohms) or bridge them to a 2-ohm stable mono amp.

personally, i would go with a clarion apx1301. i'm biased, though, because i'm using the matching 4-channel (apx4241) for my front speakers and i like it. wish it was heavier...but i'm impressed with how much cooling it has. more efficiency would be nice too...

well anyway, it does like 400 x 1 @ 2 ohms, and is around $125 shipped. but keep in mind, you can only blow speakers by overpowering them or exceeding its mechanical capabilities. go easy on the subs.

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