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Feb 19, 2014
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I need to run vtec full time but I can't buy a killer cam because my spare f23 is going into a lemons racecar. I also don't have a stock ecu it is water damaged, and it's being turbocharged. I'm going to buy a phearable ecu so I don't grenade this thing, but that costs more money. It's not a bad investment because I'll get some reliability and power out of it, but I need to save as much as I can. I'd really like to buy a nonvtec ecu and bypass the solenoid so vtec is on full time. Is there anything I can fab up to do that? Is there any issues with doing this? I don't want to round off any cam lobes or snap springs. I know vtec killer cams are mainly to reduce rotating weight, this is just for simplicity and money savings. It's a cheaper ecu, less wiring, less moving parts, etc.
Edit: I finally found something on running vtec all the time. I've seen people electronically control it, I need to mechanically control it with a part made to simulate the solenoid activating vtec. The bad thing about this is the oil pressure drop, but I will be operating above normal vtec engagement point, so oil pressure should be adequate. I may even be able to make a manual valve to shut off vtec when it's idling. How does this idea sound?
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