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February 10, 2022 * 2 posts * 39 views
6ga burner said: Would appreciate link, just bought a rear window visor off ebay that doesnt fit quite right. Read more >>
January 27, 2022 * 8 posts * 185 views
gill1606 said: Thank you for that input! I know some have mentioned that the EK civic sedan Mugen wig fits ok on the 6GA so i was hoping maybe the RS racing series one would too. I have a 2000 ... Read more >>
January 22, 2022 * 9 posts * 236 views
T.$.Racing said: I used a buddies 20 ton Harbor Freight shop press. Its been a while, but I'm pretty sure we had to hold the hub itself on an angle to get just enough contact to press the ball ... Read more >>
January 27, 2022 * 5 posts * 236 views
Gallowlight said: Idemitsu Type H is literally Honda ATF. Most idemitsu transmission fluid is OEM, just lacking the OEM lable. I'd rather run than than the Maxlife tbh. I know it's pricey to swap ... Read more >>

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