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Discussion in 'Life Lessons' started by CDsDontBurn, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Yea, it's worked out. But that still doesn't take away the fact that I've paid them for services for which they are not honoring.

    Oh, and today they sent me a bill for the guy that came by that said it was covered by warranty and then changed his story. I'm going to be calling the company and telling they can shove it :).
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    I didn't have a great experience with my home warranty. I would always recommend it for the first year, not sure if I would recommend it longer than that (only owned my home for less than 1.5 years, could change my mind).

    We really only had a minor issue, there was a sensor in the oven hood that would go off at a way lower temperature than it was supposed to. The fan was super loud so it was really annoying. I actually measured the temp it came on at and it was close to 50 degrees too low.

    Basically, the guy told me that without knowing the specs of the sensor (that are available online for free), he didn't really know if it was problematic. He thought in theory, it may actually be better so you don't have to remember to turn the fan on. We told him, nope, we always turn to fan on at the lowest setting in hopes it doesn't come on in the high setting. Then he said it was most likely the way our stove vented and even though are hood was installed properly, it would work better vented. Lastly, because the sensor could not be replaced without replacing the circuit board, he couldn't do it because it would then replace electronics that were not broken. Now, this took all of about 45 seconds, after he took the thing apart, he didn't even try to repeat the problem and I had a thermometer right there. He half assed putting the thing back together as well and it's dead simple to do it well.

    Now, the thing about it is, it wasn't that big of a deal, I just disconnected it and went on with life. However, I can't imagine dealing with the same guy for the AC, furnace, refrigerator, etc. Secondly, it cost $35 per visit, no matter how much or how little time they spent. The first visit is free, maybe that is the whole scam with what we had, but I was not going to renew it for $400/year. The front glass on our oven broke for no apparent reason a month after it expired. I was in the kitchen, when it happened, stove was off, looked it up online, it's a flaw in that oven. My guess is, he would come in, say it's impossible for it to break or we broke it and it's not covered.

    However, my cousin had a great experience with hers. Their oven failed in the first year and they were going to replace it with an equivalent model. It was mismatched, they asked if it could be white, they didn't make a white one. She asked if they could just have the same amount it would cost and pick a different one. They actually had some sort or tier system where they would cover up to a certain amount, based on what you had. They ended up getting to pick out a new oven that was up to $200 more than the replacement. If they wanted to, they could even spend more out of pocket and get any stove, they would just cover the max they could for that oven, they pay the rest.

    That's a company I may look into. For example, if my old fridge went bad, It's like a $800 fridge. I wouldn't have wanted to replace it with another $800 fridge if it wasn't under warranty, I would prefer to get something nicer. Same with my AC, it's a bit too small for our home in the hot months, it would be nice to have the option to upgrade. She said it was really easy to deal with, they didn't ask any questions. They had to have something else replaced as well, they just got the regular replacement with that. They really liked it and continued there warranty.

    One thing on my side, the previous owners bought it as a foreclosure. I don't know if this happens everywhere but it's common here for the foreclosed on people to take literally everything of any value. 100% of our appliances were replaced, our furnace, AC, and water heater were all replaced, etc. So, for me, it's much more unlikely for me to have a costly failure. Given the fact the sensor that went bad cost about the same as what a visit out would cost, it made me kind of cynical. If I had to pay for the visit, and the sensor, then it would have been a somewhat costly repair, that I did myself. Same with the oven, they may have replaced the glass, they may not have, if my warranty wasn't up, but it's a $100 fix with less hassle.

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