How to Prepare for a Road Racing Event


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Jul 2, 2015
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Hey Darkside,

So after we talked, I went to my garage and got to work. Starting from the front left wheel and moving clockwise my camber measurements were (-1.5), (-1.4), (-2.1), and (-2.8). I read that it was better to find the ride height first then worry about camber (not that I can adjust camber, but I prioritized ride height over camber (I figured a lowest center of gravity took precedence over camber I could not adjust). So after all my adjustments, I came up with these measurements (In the same order LF--> clockwise), (-1.5), (-2), (-2.7), and (-2). In order to make them all the same I would need camber kits or just luck in raising/lowering the car, heh, right? Do you think this is a big issue? I think it's also worth noting that I lowered the car as much as I could but allowing some space for suspension travel. This ending up being a little bit more than a finger gap all around. My measurements for that however were taken from the bottom of the center cap, and are (In the same order as before) 14 3/16", 14 4/16" 14 6/16", and 14 7/16" I've seen them done from the center of the center cap, but I wanted something I could hook the measuring tape tab to. Next time I will just do it from the floor, I think that's more universal, so sorry if those numbers are weird, that would be why.
Thanks again for your help Darkside.

~ Avery

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